Hilario De Leon Duron and Maria Isabel Garcia Gonzalez

The following image was shared by Juan Jesus de Leon. It is a photograph of his grandparents Hilario De Leon Duron and Maria Isabel Garcia Gonzalez. Juan stated that both of his grandparents are from Hacienda San Bartolo Cadereyta Jimenez, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Hilario is a direct descendant of Captain Alonso de Leon.

As a matter of fact El Capitan Alonso De Leon is Juan’s 9th great grandfather straight line through his father’s side and Alonso “El Mozo” the son of his is his 8th great grandfather.

Hilario De Leon Duron and Maria Isabel Garcia Gonzalez:

Hilario De Leon Duron born and Maria Isabel Garcia Gonzalez

Hilario was born in 1912 and Maria Isabel in 1918. Juan stated that during the time this photo was taken that his grandfather was both in the military and was also Mariachi. As you can see form the photo he is dressed as a charro.

Juan, thank you for sharing this photo with me and all the readers of this blog. I really appreciate it.

If you would also like to share the photos of your grandparents and or great grandparents with us just send them to me on an email or facebook message and include a short description about the photo or something you remember about them. You will also be entered for a chance to win the book “246 Testamentos de Monterrey“.

3 thoughts on “Hilario De Leon Duron and Maria Isabel Garcia Gonzalez

  1. Raul R. Gonzalez

    Dear Moises:
    I have been able to go back only to my great-great Grandfather Manuel Gonzalez, born 1824 and his wife Joaquina Barrera born 1829. I have hit a brick wall and cannot find their parents to either one of them. I don’t know where they were born
    but suspect around Camargo or Mier, Tamaulipas,Mexico. All their children were
    born in Rio Grande City, Texas, including my great grandfather Pablo Gonzalez, born 1864 in Rio Grande City, Tx. Does anyone have any information about Manuel
    Gonzalez or his wife Joaquina Barrera. She could also be known as Joaquina Concepcion Barrera.

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