Photo of Pedro Marroquin Perez and Maria Amalia Gonzalez Guerra Circa 1960’s

Maria Amalia Gonzalez Guerra and Pedro Marroquin Perez

My greatest appreciation goes to Ricardo Reyna who provided this picture of my paternal great grandparents, Maria Amalia Gonzalez Guerra and Pedro Marroquin Perez.

Original image is in possession of my aunt Amelia Garza de Garza who provided it to Ricardo, as per his request, for scanning so that he may send it to me.

Muchas Gracias Primo!

That I know of, they had Seven children and they were married on Aug 27 1912 in Guardados de Arriba, Tamaulipas, Mexico. This is the only picture that I have of them.

Thanks again Ricardo.

Source: Ricardo Reyna, post on WeAreCousins Facebook page.

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