1918 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

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1918 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. In alphabetical order by groom’s name. You can find the index image in the following colelction: FamilySearch, Mexico, Tamaulipas, Civil Registration, 1800-2002 > Mier

Transcription index images:
No. de 
Actas		Hombres			      Mujeres
8	Antonio Ramirez		        Cayetana Jaso
33	Adolfo Molina			Herlinda Gonzalez
37	Arnulfo Ramirez		        Toribia Ramos
44	Andres Garcia			Juliana Tovar
12	Carlos Bazan			Dolores Canales
46	Constancio Resendez		Zenaida Ramirez
35	Carlos Gonzalez		        Juana Alanis
9	Deodoro Rodriguez		Benilde Moya
11	Domingo Martinez		Sara Vasquez
23	Diego Abad			Veatriz E. Garza
34	Dolores Mendosa		        Elvira Longoria
25	Evaristo B Guerra		Hortencia Garcia
53	Ernesto Saldana		        Eleuteria Garza
1	Francisco L Saldana		Eduarda Bazan
54	Fermin Gonzalez		        Carmen Tovar
56	Fernando Loera		        Benigna Sifuentes
57	Francisco G Robles		Carmen Salinas
36	Juan S. Gonzalez		Margarita Garcia
28	Luis Abad			Juana Salinas
31	Loreto Garza			Ma de Jesus Garza
42	Librado Rodriguez		Gregoria Salinas
45	Manuel Hinojosa		        Ma del Refugio Sarabia
52	Martin Canales			Juliana Barrera
21	Rafael Benavides		Concepcion Garcia
7	Simon B Gonzalez		Andrea Hinojosa
18	Santos Garcia Medrano	        Manuela de Leon
5	Toribio Cantu			Ysabel Garcia
26	Tomas Flores			Rosa Gonzalez
49	Nistano Hinojosa		Petra Garcia
Source: FamilySearch

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