2012 December

Convento de San Francisco 1590 to 1914, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

The Convent of San Francisco is were most of the founders and settlers of Monterrey were buried.  It dated back till the 1590’s but unfortunately it was demolished in 1914. As you may have noticed, most death records of my ancestors name this Church as the place of burial. If anyone can point the location where the church used […]

Feldstein Genealogy Services, Helped Me Bring Down a Brick Wall

If you follow my blog then you are very well aware that I always recommend exhausting all the free resources before shelling out any money. Several months ago I posted a request on Google+ asking for any genealogist that had access to the Family History Library to contact me for help in obtaining a document, even stated that I was willing to […]

Narsizo Perez and Juana Francisca Tamez, 1841 Marriage in Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following marriage record is of my 3rd great grandparents Narsizo Perez and Juana Francisca Tamez finally brought down a two year brick wall. Turns out that familysearch had the microfilm needed but unfortunately they only digitized half of the roll. I had contacted them over a year ago and was told that the problem had been forwarded […]

1904 Civil Registry Death Index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is the 1904 Civil Registry Death Index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It is listed by alphabetical order. Cut out of Original Image Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 > Doctor Coss > Defunciones 1882-1910   Transcription of above image: Numero           Nombres                      Folio                                      A  3          Alanis Jose Sostenes               3 f  37        Alanis Manuel                         2 v  […]

Laureana Diaz, 1709 Death Record, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the 1709 church death record of my 10th great grandmother Laureana Diaz. She was the wife of Melchor de Trevino. The following document states that she made a will before the mayor Nicolas de Trebino but I have yet to locate the document. Cut out of original image: see original Transcription of above document: Laureana […]

1911 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

1911 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Entries are listed in alphabetical order by groom’s name.Cut out of original images: Mexico, Tamaulipas, Civil Registration, 1800-2002 >  Mier Transcription of above images: Num de Actas             Yndice de Matrimonios 20        Anastacio Barrera                   Placida Canales 23        Albino Barrera                        Hortencia Rodriguez 33        Antonio Ramirez Otero          Leonor Garcia 34        Amada Trevino                       […]

1908 Death Index of Los ALdamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

1908 Death Index of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon, Mexico in lists by male and female and in alphabetical order. Cut out of original Image:  FamilySearch > Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 >  Los Aldamas > Defunsiones 1880 – 1909 Transcription of above image: Num    Foja     Letra                Hombres          Num    Foja     Letra                Mujeres 25        9          A         Anastasio Pena            7          […]

Jose Narciso Perez, 1810 Baptism in Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the 1810 baptism of my 3rd great grandfather Jose Narciso Perez. The document below indicates that he is the son of Anselmo Perez and Maria Rita Rodriguez. If you happen to know who are the parents of Anselmo and Maria Rita send me an email. Cut out of original image: See Original Transcription of above image: N. 29 Jose […]

With All Arms A Study of A Kindred Group by Carl Lawrence Duaine

Just wanted to make you aware of this great book. I have seen great and bad reviews about it. After reading it I saw why some close minded people may be offended but I believe the author meant no harm and just called it as how he saw it. Anyways, this is not a book review but […]

Maria Juana Francisca Tamez, Baptism 1822 in Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the 1822 baptism of my 3rd great grandmother Maria Juana Francisca Tamez in Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This document indicates that her parents are Pablo Tamez and Maria Ygnacia Cbasos. It also indicates that they were from Hacienda del Cercado. If you follow the link you will obtain more information regarding Hacienda el Cercado. […]