Anastacia Trevino, 1707 Death Record, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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The following is the 1707 Church Death Record for my 9th Great Grandmother Anastacia de Trevino. Even-though the following document shows her name as Stacia. She was buried in the Convent of San Francisco in present day Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This document indicates that she was married to Diego Gonzalez at the time of her death. It also indicates that she was from El Valle de Las Salinas. This document does not indicate whom her parents are but from other sources I have her parents as Alonso de Trevino and Catalina de Ayala.

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Anastacia de Trevino, Death, Familysearch, Monterrey, 1707 pg 84.jpg

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Stacia de Trevino espanola Casada

En dies y ocho de Marzo del ano de mil setesientos y siete enterre enesta Capilla de San Franco. Xavier a Stacia de Trevino mujer que fue de Diego Gonzales espanola y vesina del Valle delas Salinas desta Jurisdicion, resivio el santo Oleo y no la Ucharistia por que seprivo se enterro con Vigilia y missa cantada de Cuerpo Presente, y sele siguio novenario de missas cantadas y pa. que conste lo firme.

Geronimo Lopez Prieto



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