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Where to Check the Progress of the U.S. 1940 Census Indexing Project

I know everyone is anxious to start searching the 1940 Census. Here are some places where you can check the status of the indexing project, search, and or browse the images as they are being processed.
World Vital Records

Note: These are just the ones that I am using to keep posted on the progress, but I am pretty sure there are other sites out there.

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1887 Civil Registry Death Index of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

This is the 1887 Death Civil Registry Death index for Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Cut out of original image:

Mexico, Tamaulipas, Civil Registration, 
1800-2002 > Mier > Defunciones 1886-1896

Transcript of above image:

                                    -C  D-M  I  E  R-1 8 8 7-

                        -A C T A S-D E-D E F U N C I O N E S-



No.016. Arismendiz Antonia                                      No.106. Jimenez Gregorio

No.026. Anaya Garcia Eufemia                                                          L

No.034. Almaguez Exiquio                                        No.021. Lozano Marcela

No.110. Alvarado Blasa                                             No.051. Lopez Cresencion

No.123. Aguilar Maria de los Angeles                       No.060. Lopez.

No.129. Arispe Arcadio                                              No.079. Lopez Isabel

                        B                                                         No.080. Lugo Miguel

No.007. Barrera Garza Jose Maria                              No.084. Lopez Benicio

No.010. Barrera Saenz Francisco                                No.053. Lopez Romualda

No.012. Benavides Casimira                                      No.III. L. Jesus

No.070. Barrera Guadalupe                                                                M

No.076. Barrera Simon                                               No.020. Marule Vicente

No.077. Barrera Ambrocio                                         No.052. Martinez Pedro

No.088. Bustamante Luisa                                         No.065. Mendoza Victor

No.094. Barrera Gregoria                                           No.091. Mejia Roque

No.117. Barrera Claudio                                             No.096. Mendoza Amado

No.125. Bazan Jacoba                                                 No.114. Martinez Lino

No.133. Barrera Victoriana                                         No.132. Moncayo Antonio

                        C                                                                                 N

No.001. Canales Epigmenio                                       No.040. Navarro Jesus

No.005. Cortez Sofia                                                  No.042. Najara Mari del Refugio

No.008. Canales Tomas                                                                      O

No.035. Canales Ramos Juana                                    No.086. Ozuna Cristobal

No.039. Camargo Juan                                               No.097. Olveda Porfiria

No.120. Cortez Nazaria                                                                      P

No.121. Cavazos Vicenta                                           No.004. Pena Gregorio

No.126. Cardenas Petra                                              No.006. Padilla Atanacio

No.130. Canales Jose Angel                                       No.013. Pena Nicolas

                        F                                                          No.018. Pena Garza Luisa

No.082.  Fuente Lorenzo                                            No.027. Pena Felipa

No.083. Flores Encarnacion                                        No.029. Pena Ruelas Juan

                        G                                                         No.036. Pena Fermin

No.002. Gonzalez Alejandra                                      No.038. Pena Serapio

No.003. Garcia Estevan                                              No.046.  Perez Martinez Gregorio

No.015. Gonzalez Jose de Jesus Emerino                   No.050. Paz Eugenio de la

No.017. Garcia Garcia Jovita                                      No.081. Perez Clara

No.022. Gonzalez Barbara                                          No.087. Pompa Catarina

No.024. Garcia Valentina                                           No.095. Pena Melchora

No.033. Garcia Manuel                                               No.105. Perez Teodulo

No.034. Gutierrez Mari del Refugio                           No.113. Pena Garza Francisca

No.043. Garza Hinojosa Porfirio                                                        R

No.044. Garza Delfina                                                No.019. Rodriguez Faustino

No.053. Garcia Ramos Tomasa                                  No.041. Rodriguez Maria del Refugio

No.057. Guerra Dolores                                              No.049. Reyna Virginia

No.058. Guerra Guerra Maria                                     No.062. Rodriguez Francisca

No.059. Garza Maria Andrea                                     No.068. Resendes Juanita

No.061. Guerra Candelaria                                         No.072. Rodriguez Juana

No.063. Guerra Emilia                                                No.073. Rodriguez Guadalupe

No.064. Gutierrez Felipe                                            No.103. Recio Juana

No.069. Gutierrez Wenseslada                                   No.107. Balvoa Carmen

No.074. Gonzalez Cecilia                                           No.108. Barrera Julio

No.075. Garcia Macedonio                                         No.109. Barrera Concepcion

No.090. Guerra Rosalio                                              No.112. Rodriguez Rafaela

No.102. Garcia Juana                                                  No.115. Rocha Serapio

No.118. Garcia Jesus                                                  No.116. Ramos Julian

No.119. Gonzalez Eduardo                                                                S

No.127. Garcia Juan Jose                                            No.031. Saenz Felix

No.131. Gonzalez Pedro                                             No.032. Saenz Albino

                        H                                                         No.055. Sanjuana Homobano

No.014. Hinojosa Jacoba                                            No.056. Salinas Salinas Rafaela

No.030. Hinojosa Carlota                                           No.067. Sanchez Isabel

No.066. Hinojosa Benita                                            No.071. Sanchez Ancelmo

No.099. Hernandez Camilo                                        No.089. Sorabia Manuel

No.104. Hernandez Romana                                      No.092. Santos Rosalio de los

                        I                                                           No.098. Salinas Tomasa

No.023. Ibanez Rodriguez Agricola                           No.100. S. Ponciano

                        J                                                           No.101. Salinas Mercedes

No.028. Juarez Marcos                                               No.128. Sarate Exiquio


                                                                                    No.011. Villarreal Francisco

                                                                                    No.025. Vela Ibanez Martha

                                                                                    No.037. Vela Smith Castulo

                                                                                    No.045. Vela Pena Luis

                                                                                    No.047.Velastrez Francisca

                                                                                    No.048. Vela Guerra Antonia

                                                                                    No.078. Villarreal Adela

                                                                                    No.122. Vela Herlinda


                                                                                    No.009. Zambrano Francisco

Source: FamilySearch

Copyright © Moises Garza. All rights reserved. Article may be reused for any purpose, and it is encouraged, as long as it is non-commercial use and it includes this notice. An effort has been made to use materials that provide credit to author or rights holder. If you find anything that should not be listed in this article contact me at

1916 Civil Registry Marriage of Cesareo Lopez Pena and Maria Trevino Trevino, Los Trevinos, Tamaulipas, Mexico

About a year ago my aunt Ernestina Tanguma had provided me with the names of the parents of my great grandfather Cesareo Lopez but she had no idea who the parents of his wife Maria Trevino where. I asked most of my uncles and aunts but no one seemed to know who they where and none could verify the parents of Cesario, besides my aunt Ernestina. When the Mier Civil Registration documents became available online at FamilySearch I started looking for them and I finally found them. The following is the 1916 Civil Registry Marriage of Cesareo Lopez and Maria Trevino. This document verifies that Cesareo’s parents are indeed Anastacio Lopez and Candelaria Pena. The document finally provided me with the names of the parents of my great grandmother Maria Trevino, they are Rafael Trevino and Maria de Jesus Barrera. I also found Cesareo and Maria’s Marriage application and I will be posting it at a later date.

Cut out of original image:

Transcription of above image:

Acta numero 4 cuatro. Matrimonio. = En el Rancho de los Trevinos, jurisdiccion de Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, a las cuatro, de la tarde, del dia siete de Enero de mil novecientos, dieciseis; ante mi Jose Barrera Guerra Jues del Registro Civil, constituido en la Casa del senor Exiquio Trevino comparecieron prosendiendo contraer matrimonio los Senores Cesareo Lopez y Maria Trevino originarios y vecinos de la comprencion de Arcabuz jurisdiccion de Ciudad Mier. El primero de veintesiete anos, soltero, soltero, labrador e hijo legitimo, del finado Senor Anastacio Lopez y Candelaria Pena, viuda de mayor edad y vecina de la comprencion ya referida y la segunda de diecisiete anos, celibe e hija legitima de los Senores Exiquio Trevino y Maria de Jesus Trevino casados mayores de edad y de la vecindad ya mencionada. Dijeron que verificada, su presentacion matrimonial con fecha veintiuno del mes de Diciembre ultimo segun acta numero sesenta y ocho del libro respectivo y hechas las publicacioned por el termino legal sinque se les inpusiera impedimiento, pedian se procediera a la celebracion de su matrimonio para lo cual hise el primero la autorizacion de la ley por ser amyor de edad y la pretensa que es menor por el consentimiento de su padre que lo ratifico en esta acta verbalmente. Hestando cumplidas todos los requisitos legales interrogue a cada uno de los contrayentes, de si era su voluntad de unirse en matrimonio Civil el uno con la otra y viceversa; y habiendo contestado los dos afirmativamente le di lectura a los articulos, del primero al cuarto y al decimo quinto de la ley general de veintitres de Julio de mil ochocientos cincuenta y nueve, haciendo en seguida en nombre de la Sociedad y de las supremas leyes de la Nacion la declaracion de quedar unidos en legitimo e indisaluble matrimonio Fueron testigos de este acto los Senores Gonzalo Garcia, Jose Hinojosa, Andres Hinojosa y Cornelio Garza, el primero viudo el segundo y el ultimo casado y soltero el otro, todos de mayor de edad y vecinos el primero segundo y tercero de la comprencion de El Arcabuz, ambas comprenciones son de jurisdiccion de Ciudad Mier Con lo que termino la presente acta, que leida que les fue a los que intervinieron estuvieron conformes y firmaron no haciendolo Don Andres Hinojosa porque expreso no saberfirmar. Doy fe. = Jose BArrera Guerra. = Exiquio Trevino. = Maria Trevino. = Cesareo Lopez. = Jose Hinojosa. = Gonzalo Garcia. = Cesareo Lopez. – Cornelio GArza. = Rubricas

Sources: FamilySearch

Copyright © Moises Garza. All rights reserved. Article may be reused for any purpose, and it is encouraged, as long as it is non-commercial use and it includes this notice. An effort has been made to use materials that provide credit to author or rights holder. If you find anything that should not be listed in this article contact me at