1930 Birth Index of Congregacion Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico

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This is the final birth index of the five years listed on the Tamaulipas Civil Registry at FamilySearch for Congregacion Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico. I will next, when I get a chance, do the index of the deaths in this town from 1925 to 1930. There are also five years of marriages. Plenty to keep me busy!

Cutout of Index Images:

Mexico, Tamaulipas, Civil Registration, 1800-2002 > Arcabuz > Nacimientos, matrimonios, defunciones 1925-1930

Transcription of above images: (press CTRL + F to search)

no. 14 Andrea Chapa
no. 27 Agustin Garcia
no. 35 Angelina Alanis
no. 36 Adalberto Alanis
no. 50 Altagracia Alanis
no. 49 Blas Garcia
no. 60 Betsabe Alanis
no. 21 Cecilia Trevino
no. 51 Carlos Gonzalez
no. 29 Dolores Botello
no. 12 Evangelina Salinas
no. 22 Elida Botello
no. 30 Emilia Alanis
no. 31 Estela Garcia
no. 55 Emilio Rodriguez
no. 56 Ernesto Trevino
no. 5 Feliciana Reyna
no. 6 Felicitas Badillo
no. 41 Filimon Garcia
no. 54 Felicitas Guerra
no. 19 Gustavo Basquez
no. 28 Horacio Garza
no. 52 Hector Ramirez
no. 10 Ysabel Garza Silba
no. 13 Ines Garcia
no. 2 Jose Garcia
no. 4 Juana Hernandez
no. 16 Juanita Vasquez
no. 34 Jesusa Gonzalez
no. 37 Juana Ayala
no. 46 Jesusa Guerra
no. 48 Jose Salinas
no. 11 Librada Segovia
no. 15 Luis Vasquez
no. 23 Lozange Gonzalez
no. 24 Lus Segovia
no. 43 Lucia Garcia
no. 59 Luz Garcia, hijo
no. 3 Maria Garcia
no. 17 Margarito Vasquez
no. 18 Maria De Los Angeles Vasquez
no. 25 Mercedes Reyna
no. 26 Maximiliano Garcia
no. 38 Maria Garza
no. 40 Maria Belen Garcia
no. 44 Margarita Flores
no. 58 Melquiades Vasquez
no. 7 Nicolas Garza Reyna
no. 42 Nereo Marroquin
no. 8 Ofelia Lopez
no. 47 Onecimo Botello
no. 9 Reyes Rangel
no. 33 Rebeca Salinas
no. 39 Raquel Alanis
no. 45 Rafael Garza hijo
no. 20 Silbestra Vasquez
no. 1 Viviano Guerra
no. 57 Virginia Botello
no. 32 Ysrael alanis
no. 53 Ysmael Vela
_________ sesenta _________
60, Actas Fin

Sources: FamilySearch

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