2011 October

Escuala Faja De Oro (The Belt of Gold School)

This post is about the school my father and all his siblings attended when they were younger during the 1940’s and 1950’s. It is located in what is called Rancho Los Guajillos (Guajillos is a small chilly pepper, but I do not know if it is from there that this place gets its name). The land […]

Dropbox – Keeping your Genealogy Data Safe

You can never be too safe when it comes to your Genealogical research and all those files that you have been accumulating, scanning, receiving, etc… If you do not know what Dropbox is. Dropbox is essentially storage in the internet. They give you 2 gigabytes for free and if you need more than that they have monthly plans. […]

Paula Contreras Garza – Marriages and Children

1st Generation 1. Paula Contreras was born in Jun. 1891 in San Miguel, Tamaulipas, Mexico and died on Nov. 2, 1921 in La Grulla, Starr, Texas, USA.  She was the daughter of Apolonio Crontreras De La Garza and Demetria Garza Solis. She married 3rd Francisco Perez on May 24, 1911 in Starr, Texas, USA. Francisco, […]

Ancestry.com 15 Days of free Access

I am sure that most of you if not all, are already aware of ancestry’s 15 year anniversary and their 15 days of free access. Here is recap of collections available for the next eight days, some are useful to South Texas Genealogy. Social Security Death Index Ireland, Griffith’s Valuation, 1848–1864 California Marriage Index, 1960–1985 Bavaria, Germany, […]

Borderlands Bookstore, Specializing in Hispanic History and Genealogy

Borderlands Bookstore is one of my favorite places to find books about Mexican Genealogy and even find books about my own ancestors. As may already be aware, when I write about a book that may be of interest to you I always include a link to this store if they have it for sale. If […]

Francisco Perez Lozano – Marriages, and Children

Francisco Perez Lozano 1st Generation 1. Francisco Perez was born on Feb. 12, 1865 in Encadenado, General Terán, Nuevo León, Mexico and died on Feb. 14, 1942 in La Grulla, Starr County, Texas.  He was the son of Encarnacion Perez Ayala and Dorotea Lozano Bosquez. He married 1st Maria Epifania Elizondo on Jun. 30, 1888 […]

Another Great Tool for your Genealogy Research

An invaluable tool when doing my Genealogy Research is a piece of software called “Search” it is made by Sandman Software. Their websites description is: Searches text files for strings and combination of strings. Has useful or / and / and not search combinations, and can also use regular expressions. New in version 3, is the built-in viewer / […]

Photo of Paula Contreras Garza and Francisco Perez Lozano

This post is the first one that I publish in regards to my wife’s side of the family. The picture bellow is of Francisco Perez Lozano and Paula Contreras Garza, my wife’s great grandparents. I came into possession of this picture last month when I decided to go trough a box of things belonging to […]

Danny Villarreal’s Website – A Hispanic Genealogy Treasure

Danny Villarreal’s website is another treasure for Hispanic genealogy and the most complete resource when it comes down to researching the Villarreal Surname, but don’t be deceived. Many people may turn it’s back quickly thinking “I don’t have Villarreal ancestors what am I doing here?”. Danny’s website will not disappoint you he has an extensive database of over 11,000 […]

Los Aldamas N.L. Mexico 1909 – 1922 Marriages

This is a list of all the Marriages for 1909 – 1922 of Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Information comes from images at FamilySearch, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 Los Aldamas Matrimonios 1909-1923 Marriages of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon from 1909 to 1923 Marriages for 1909 Number Page Male Female 3 5 Vela, Alberto Chapa, […]