Escuala Faja De Oro (The Belt of Gold School)

This post is about the school my father and all his siblings attended when they were younger during the 1940’s and 1950’s. It is located in what is called Rancho Los Guajillos (Guajillos is a small chilly pepper, but I do not know if it is from there that this place gets its name). The land called Los Guajillos covers about 10 Square miles or more in the Municipality of Miguel Aleman Tamaulipas Mexico. There are about 50 ranches in this area. The school in itself is about four to five miles away from El Ebanito (Ebony) Ranch were my father and his siblings were raised.

The official name of the school can be seen in the picture “ESCUELA RURAL FEDERAL FAJA DE ORO RANCHO LOS GUAJILLOS“. Now days it is abandoned due to not having enough kids to attend it, and has fallen badly in disrepair. The school is much bigger and I failed to picture the rest of it. It includes a small house to its left where the professor would reside, and in between the school and the house there is a cistern where the rain fall would be collected and it served as water for both the professor and the students.

The front of the school. Photo from the personal photos
of Moises Garza.
Stage on the back of the school. Photo from the personal
photos of Moises Garza.
This is the stage located in the back of the school and on the front of it is a big court yard. Plays and other community events would take place here, events such as community dances where groups would use it to set up their equipment and perform
Better close up of eagle on stage. Photo from the personal
photos of Moises Garza.
Source: “Escuela Faja De Oro” 26°13’34.22″ N  99°09’32.44″ W
elev 341 ft. Google Earth. October 18, 2007. October 9, 2011.

The small triangle in the above picture is the property belonging to the school and the bigger piece that you can see used to belong to my grandfather Eulalio Garza Lopez, he used to call it “La Labor de Altamira” (The Field of Altamira). My uncle Adolfo Garza inherited it but in a short few years sold it to Javier Ramirez whose ranch is next to this property.

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