2011 September

The Mystery – Rancho Santa Teresa

I first came aware of Rancho Santa Teresa when I found Martin Garza’s Catholic Church Record at FamilySearch. Unfortunately I have not been able to find this ranch but I have found several clues so far.  My first clue was the same page where Martin’s baptism was recorded. There are two other baptismal records that […]

Spanish Colonial Ranching Communities a Dissertation by Mary Jo Galindo

Anyone doing Genealogy research in South Texas and Northeastern Mexico at one point, while doing research, cannot help but stumble into Mary Jo Galindo’s Dissertation “Con Un Pie En Cada Lado: Ethnicities and the Archaeology of Spanish Colonial Ranching Communities Along the Lower Río Grande Valley” which is a great 353 page work about South Texas and […]

PARES – Portal to the Archives of Spain

Another great tool when researching South Texas and Northern Mexico Genealogy is PARES (Portal de Archivos Espanoles). Don’t forget to run your ancestor names in their archives search since it contains numerous collections pertaining to mexico and all of Spaniard territories before the 1800’s I found a document as old as 1695 which pertained to one of my ancestors dying […]

Zamora’s Rancho La Mecca Cemetery

Years ago while driving by on our way to Rancho El Ebanito (the family ranch in Los Guajillos, Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, Mexico) I saw tombstones from the road. I asked my father Lauro Garza about them and he stated that that was the cemetery of Los Zamora’s and my mother San Juana Tanguma stated that […]

Jose Martin Garza Garcia – Rancho De Santa Tereza

As time has passed i have found more information about my ancestor Jose Martin Garza Garcia. Since writing this post over a year ago I have found his death date and have found that he is buried in El Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico as many of his ancestors are. I have also found out that Rancho […]

New or Updated Records at Family Search

Family Search has added or updated the following records: Texas, Gonzalez de la Garza Genealogy Collection – Added more browsable images Mexico, Nuevo Leon, Civil Registration, 1859 – 1962 – New, Browsable Image Collection Mexico, Zacatecas, Civil Registration, 1860 – 2000 –  New, Browsable Image Collection U.S. Social Security Death Index 1875 – 2011 Current up […]

Abstracting and Transcribing Genealogical Documents

Abstracting and transcribing Genealogical documents is very important and sometimes crucial. You always want to verify your sources and what better way than finding an original document and either abstracting or transcribing it. Not to mention that things you will find when taking the time to read the documents, are priceless. As you may have already noticed I do a lot of transcribing and the […]

5 Free Genealogy Database Software

Free is always good, specially if your budget does not allow you to buy things that you absolutely don’t need. With being the proud father of a toddler and a baby on diapers, there is not much extra left over. Here are a five programs that won’t cost a penny unless you want the extras […]

Family of Amado Capetillo and Abelina Suarez – Found In the 1930 Mexico Census

I found the following family which are ancestors of one of my brothers in law at familysearch.org and found the original image of the census at Ancestry.com. 1. Amado Capetillo was born About 1888 in Nuevo Leon, Mexico and died on an unknown date.  He married Abelina Suarez. Abelina was born About 1891 in Nuevo Leon, Mexico […]

1930 Mexico National Census – Free at Ancestry.com

Part of Image from Ancestry.com The 1930 Mexican Census is available for free at ancestry.com I already found family in the area around Los Ramones, Nuevo Leon and obtained some images. Will you find yours? I am sure that you will since this census has been labeled as the most important census of the 20th century with […]