Zamora’s Rancho La Mecca Cemetery

Years ago while driving by on our way to Rancho El Ebanito (the family ranch in Los Guajillos, Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, Mexico) I saw tombstones from the road.

I asked my father Lauro Garza about them and he stated that that was the cemetery of Los Zamora’s and my mother San Juana Tanguma stated that my grandfather’s father Yldefonso Zamora was buried there as well as his parents. This might explain why I have not been able to locate their burial place since this might just be it.

This happened in the 1990’s and by around 2006 the land around the cemetery was sold the monte was cut down and the tombstones could no longer be seen, it can just be assumed that they were also destroyed but if that is the case this is still the location were the cemetery should be located at.

Once the drug violence stops, I will go and find out if they were destroyed or if they are just covered by the tall grass. The following is a picture of the piece of land where the cemetery should be located at, the red circle mark’s the spot.

Source: “Zamora’s Cemetery” 26°14’16.14″ N  99°08’03.60″ W. Google Earth. September 30, 2010. May 23, 2011.

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