by Moises Garza

November 16, 2023

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the 1689 death record of Blas de la Garza my wife’s 10th great-grandfather who died in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

As you can see the record is very hard to read due to the stains on it. Even like that I could still make out the most of it.

The record indicates that he was a "Sargento Mayor" and that he made a will. I have yet to find the will but it is good to know that there is a possibility that it may be out there somewhere.

From other records we know that his wife was Teresa Guerrero. I am lucky that this record mentions the names of two of his sons who he left as executors and thus it helped in identifying the correct Blas that this record belonged to.

Transcription of Above Image

za español

En tres de Octubre de mil y seis cientos y och[torn]
ta y nueve Años murio el Sargto. mayor Blas de
la Garza, Confesso y resivio los Sos. SaCramin
tos de la Eucharistia y extremauncion y testo
ante el Genl. Don Martin de Mendiondo Al
Calde Hordinario de esta ciudad y se mando se
pultar en la Parrochial de esta dha ciudad con
missa y vigilia y [stained] cantase un nove
nario de missas y [stained] cantadas [?]
[?] quatro [stained] mandas [stained]
sosas a dos Rl a cad [staioned] sus alvaceas
el Cappan T[stained]mas [stained] Joseph de la Gar
za sus hijos. y para que conste lo firme

Joseph Guajardo

If he is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to him in the comments of this blog post.


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  • Guillermo Garmendia Leal, Fundadores de Nueva Galicia: Guadalajara Tomo I (Self-Published; Monterrey, Nuevo, Leon, Mexico; D1996), Pg. 151.

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  1. Hello…My name is Jan Miller Wilson. Blas DeLa Garza is in my line. My GGGrandmother was Estefona De la Garza Garcia and her son is Escolastico "Coley" Perales. I am having trouble proving all this as I cannot read Spanish. Estafona's father is Desaderio Garcia and Hilaria De la Garza…and oral family history says they were well-to-do. Estafona was born in Nueve Leon I believe when San Antonio was still in Mexico. Coley was born in San Antonio and his father was Suzana Perales. Anything you can do to help will be appreciated. Thank you…

  2. Thanks for the source.
    I did not have that in my records.
    Blas de la Garza Falcon – González Hidalgo is my 9G Granduncle and my wife's 8G Granduncle.

  3. I am curious as my name is also DeLaGarza, but what i found is we were Sephardic Jews who left Spain.

    Mostly from Galicia and Basque region .

    I do no know my fathers family, my grandfather was Dr. Antonio DeLa Garza my grandmother Isabella Gonzalez also from Monterrey.

    They were divorced when my father Rudofo DeLa Gara born 1919 in ElPaso Texas was very young,
    so he never knew his father or his family. I believe my grandfather lived in Mexico City.

    My DNA showed Iberian Jewish , so other must be a connection, please let me know how i can find more information through your group. Thank you,

  4. Thanks, I descend only from their daughter, Catarina and Salvador Ochoa-de-Elejalde through their daughter, Getrudis who married Francisco de la Garza 'El Mozo', son of his father and Juana Garcia.

  5. Hi Moises–this is the death record of Blas de la Garza the younger, correct? His father, Blas de la Garza who married Beatriz Gonzalez Hidalgo, is my 10th great-grandfather, through Lazaro de la Garza–brother of Blas the younger. Here's a link to what I believe is the1669 death record of Blas de la Garza the elder:

    I have yet to completely transcribe the record, as I find it hard to read. I'm guessing you are much better at this than I am! The 1669 record uses much of the same language as the 1689 record that you have here. That has been very helpful for my work on the 1669 death record. Thanks.

    Carolyn Fuentes

  6. No mio, pero si de mi esposo por ambas vías. Ancestro directo en vía paterna es Pedro de la Garza hijo de Marcos Alonso de la Garza, pero como las familias eran endogámicas en esta región y lis ancestros se van multiplicando, mis suegros conectan además con otros 2 hijos de Marcos Alonso de La Garza: con Alonsillo y Francisco, también.

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