by Moises Garza

June 20, 2023

1804 Marriage of Jose Mauricio de la Garza and Maria Francisca Olivares
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the June 18, 1804, Marriage of Jose Mauricio de la Garza and Maria Francisca Olivares.  They are my wife's 4th great-grandparents and got married in what is nowadays Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. 

Mauricio is listed as being the son of Francisco de la Garza and Antonia Treviño. Maria Francisca is listed as being the daughter of Salbador Olivares and Teodora Montalvo.

To date I have been able to locate children for them. For information on ancestors and descendants visit

Transcription of Above Image

de la Garza
Ma Franca

En dies y ocho de Junio de 1804, en esta alluda de Parroqa.
del Refugio y ebinfarezito Teniente de cura de ella case
y bele infaccie eccla. a Mauricio de la Garza e hijo lexo.
de Dn. Franco. de la Garza y de Antonia Treviño
el con Ma. Franca. Olibares hija lexa. de Dn. Saba-
dor Olibares y de Da. Teodora Montalbo todos ve-
cinos de esta Jurisdiccion los qe. se amonestaron en tres
dias solepnes inter misarom solepnia qe lo fueron el
veinte y siete de Mayo y 31 del mismo y el tres de Junio
de cullas monisiones no resulto impedimineto como
constadel ducto de sertificacion preveido pr. mi ante
sesor D Nicolas Bally en primero de Junio de este
año fueron testigos Dn. Matias Garcia y Jose anto-
nio de Leon y lo firme

Jose Felipe de la Garza y Guerra

If this couple is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to them in the comments of this blog post.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm Rod Falcon, I've been told I'm a descendent either 7th or 8th generation from Blas María de la Garza Falcón (or Blas María de la Garza Falcón de Villarreal; 1712–1767), the Spanish settler of Tamaulipas and South Texas. I've been working on trying to start a geneology/lineaage from info I got from my dad and a cousin, but having difficulty with some of the details. Is this the ancestor you are referring to? If so can we share info to see if we have similar info? I'd like to corraberate it. Thanks so much!

  2. Hello Moises,

    I am a descendent of Manuel Contreras (c. 1810 – 1904) and Maria Rafaela Garza (c. 1810 – ?) and Rafaela is often listed as being a daughter of this couple. I found a baptism record of a certain Rafaela from 1809 in Camargo born to this couple, but without a marriage record between Rafaela and Manuel I do not know how this can connect those two Rafaelas. Do you know of a marriage record that can be found between Manuel and Rafeala, or perhaps another record proving that she is a daughter of Mauricio and Francisca? Thank you so much.

    1. My only citation linking her to her parents is Crispin Rendon but unfortunately, he does not have a source listed for them. But based on my database there is no other Rafaela de la Garza living in the Camargo area during this time period that I do not have parents for. This may not be proof but the chances of it being correct is very high.

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