by Moises Garza

February 28, 2023

1816 Death Record of Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the July 26, 1816 death record of Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez, my 6th great-grandmother, who was killed by Comanche Indians at el Rancho de Guardado, Tamaulipas, Mexico. 

Guardado, now-days is Guarado de Arriba or Guardado de Abajo, but in 1816 it belonged to the jurisdiction of the Mier church. Thus, we find her church death record in Mier.

I was surprised to find out that she was killed by Comanche Indians. The record also verifies that she was married to Nicolas Garcia. I have been able to find twelve children for them.

Something to note, the SAGA book had her death date as July 12, 1916 but on the record it is the 26. That is why it is very important to always look for the original record.

She was the dauther of Ramon Gonzalez Ochoa and Margarita Antonia de la Garza Falcon.

Something tragic is that five years later her husband Nicolas would also be killed by indians at Guardado. View death record here: 1821 Death of Jose Nicolas Garcia

Transcription of 1816 death record of Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez

pe Gonza
lez Espla

En esta Parroquial de la Villa de mier a beinte y
seis dias de el mes de Julio de mil ochocientos dies y seis
yo fr Anto. del Alamo cura ministro Vicco y Jues ecc
de esta Villa, di eclesiastica sepultura con cruz mayor
en fabrica de cinco pesos a el cuerpo de Da. Guadalupe
Gonzalez Espla. [?] de esta Villa, la cual fue esposa
de Dn. Nicolas Garcia, murio en el rancho de el Guar
dado el dia de ayer, en que la mataron los indios
comanches qe enesta [?] andan acindo daños en es
ta jurisdiccion, y pa qe conste lo fime = Fr Anto. del Alamo

If she is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to her in the comments of this blog post.

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  1. Interesting. Comanches and Kiowas made raids into Mexico where they would gather horses and mules and take captive Women and Children. Article 11 of the Guadalupe-Hidalgo Treaty stipulated that the United States government would make every effort to deter Indian raids into Mexica. This led to the construction of Forts along the Texas frontier.
    My great-grandfather Jose Maria Bill was taken captive by Comanches and lived with them for several years before exiting and working as a "guide" at Fort Davis, Fort Stockton, and Fort Clark, Texas.
    If you get a chance read the "Calendar History of the Kiowa Indians." The author estimates that the population of the Kiowa Tribe has approximately twenty-five percent Mexican lineage….

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