by Moises Garza

April 6, 2021

1681 Death Record of Monica Rodriguez
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the June 31, 1681 death record of my 9th great grandmother Monica Rodriguez. She was buried in the cathedral of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Her husband nor parents are listed but from other records we know that her husband was Miguel de Montemayor and her parents were Diego Rodriguez and Sebastiana de Treviño Quintanilla.

Another thing that helps us identify her is the names of her "Alvaceas" executors of the will listed on the margin, they are her sons.

I have a source that states that she died at "Hacienda de San Pedro" and her body was taken to Monterrey for burial. Unfortunately no document is mentioned. It is estimated that she was born in 1592 in Mexico City.

She signed her will April 8, 1671 at "hacienda de Nogales" and did a second will also in April 19, 1680.

Transcription of 1681 Death Record of Monica Rodriguez

Monica Rodri
gues española
En dies de Agto.
parecio el testamto
con susalvaceas Franco.
Rodrigues y Mateo

En treinta de Junio de mil y seiscientos y ochenta y un Años
murio Monica Rodriguez española: con fesso y resivio Los
Santos Sacramtos. de la Eucharistia y estrema uncion, tes
to, y no parecio el testamto. por Cuya Causa no pongo sus
Legados ni sus alvaceas. enterrose en la Parrochial de
esta Ciudad Con missa de Cuerpo Presente; y para que cons
te lo firme utsupra=

Joseph Guaxardo

If  is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to him/her in the comments of this blog post.


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  1. Dear Mr. Garza:
    According to Family Search records obtained, Monica's aunt, Sebastiana's sister, Juana, is in the line of my ancestors.

  2. Moises – Re: Monica Rodriguez

    Having researched some family members in Family Search, I discovered that Monica Rodriguez is as well a 9th great-grandmother on my maternal side.

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