by Moises Garza

January 14, 2020

1677 Death Record of Agustin de Saldivar
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the death record of Agustin de Saldivar who died February 7, 1677  in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He is the 8th great grandfather of my wife.

His death record does not indicate who his parents are but form other records we know them to be Vicente de Zaldivar y Ressa and Maria Sosa Farias.

The record does state that he was the husband of Ana de Salinas. The parents of Ana de Salinas are Pedro Salinas and Angela Solis.

The above image is the copy of the record and below is the transcription of it.

Transcription of 1677 Death Record of Agustin de Saldivar

Agsutin de
Saldivar es

En siete de febrero de mil y seiscientos se
tenta y siete años murio Agustin de Saldivar
español fue casado con Ana de Salinas; Con
feso y recivio Los Stos. Sacramentos de al eucha
ristia y extrema uncion enterose de limosna en
el Convto. de San Franco. de esta ciudad por averlo
pedido por amor de Dios el dho difunto y
para que Conste lo firme Ut Supra =

Joseph Guajardo

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If he is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to him/her in the comments of this blog post.


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  1. My descent from:
    Agustín de Saldívar and Ana de Salinas
    Antonia + José Miguel Sáenz de Valle
    Nicolás Sáenz de Sosa + Ana María de Salazar Rodríguez
    José Pedro Santiago Sáenz Salazar + María Gregoria de la Serna y Saavedra
    José Pablo Sáenz Serna + María Rita Lugarda Aldape Flores
    José Manuel Sáenz Guerra* + María Rita Sánchez Serna [*his mother might have been Rosa Guerra]–xrs
    Maria Francisca Sáenz Sánchez + José Inocente Pérez Rodríguez [Sabinas Hidalgo NL]
    José Máximo Pérez Sáenz + Romana Leal Arciniega [my Canary Is. & 1718 San Antonio connection]–xrs
    Fidel Pérez Leal + Lucinda García Sáenz [Concepción, Duval, TX]
    Máximo Pérez García + Alicia de la Garza y Gutiérrez [dau. of Amado de la Garza & Ma. Gutiérrez]
    Lucinda Pérez de la Garza + Serapio Lealdo Sendejo [He: from San Diego, Duval, TX]
    Xavier Rodolfo Sendejo [ME]

  2. Looks like I’m related to your wife. Agustin de Saldivar is a brother of Ana Saldivar Sosa, Spouse of Diego de Garcia Quintanilla. This is one of the few actual death records I have found. Thank you.

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