1810 Baptism of Jose Francisco Gonzalez Cantu

1810 Baptism of Jose Francisco Gonzalez Cantu

This is the September 19, 1810 Baptism of Jose Francisco Gonzalez Cantu who was baptized in China, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He is my 3rd great grandfather.

It is indicated by this record that his father is Blas Gonzlaez and Josefa Cantu.

This record is special since it also mentions the paternal grandparents as being Jose Antonio Gonzalez and Maria Francisca de la Garza. His maternal grandparents are listed as Santiago Cantu and Maria Rosalia Villarreal.

Francisco grows up to marry Maria Antonia Salinas the daughter of Jose Francisco Salinas and Maira Celedonia Hinojosa.

Below is the transcript of his baptism record.

Transcription of 1810 Baptism of Jose Francisco Gonzalez Cantu

Jose Franco.
Gonzalz. Espl.

En esta Ayuda de Parroquia de San Felipe de
China a los diez y nueve dias del mes de Spre. del año
de mil Ochocientos diez Baptize solemnemte. y puse los
santos Oleos y Crisma a Jose Franco. Gonzalez Español de
tres dias nacido hijo lexmo de Dn. Blas Gonzz. y de Da.
Ma. Josefa Cantu: Abuelos PAternos Dn. Jose Antonio Gonzz.
y Da. Ma. Franca. de la Garza, Abuelos maternos Dn Santi
ago Cantu y Da. Ma. Rosalia de Villarreal: Padrinos
Dn. Jose NArciso Gonzalez y Da. Matilde Peña a quienes
adverti la obligacion y parentesco Espiritual y lo firme
pa. qe. conste.

Jose Cayetano Morales

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If he is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to him in the comments of this blog post.

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