by Moises Garza

November 13, 2018

1704 Marriage of Sebastian Ansaldua and Mariana Sauceda
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the December 22, 1704 Marriage of Sebastian Ansaldua and Mariana Sauceda who got married in what is now Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. They are my 8th great grandparents.

In this record it is indicated that the parents of Sebastian Ansaldua (Ansaldo) are Juan de Ansaldo and Catarina de Dueñas Vidarte.

The parents of Mariana Sauceda are listed as Mateo Saucedo and Maria Perez, both listed as castizos.

The record is also very important since it mentions that Santiago was form Guadalajara and thus that is the next place I will be searching for his ancestors.

Also, even-though Sebastain is listed as being Ansaldo his children appear with the last name Ansaldua. 

Transcription of 1704 Marriage of Sebastian Ansaldua and Mariana Sauceda

Sebastain de Ansaldo y Mariana Sauceda = Velaronse a 9 de Agosto de 705 as psp. Jua. de Arispe, y Ma. de Sepeda su mujer

En veinte y dos dias del mes de Disiembre de setecinetos, y cuatro as, en
Villa de Santiago, del Saltillo, abiendo presedido ynformacion
de libertad, y solturas y publicaciones de vanas, en tres dias festivos
intermisaruz solemnia qe lo fueron la primera, Domingo siete, la segunda
lunes, ocho, y la tercera Domingo Catorce del mes de Diciembre
de setecinetos y quatro as. Case a Sebastian de Ansaldo orig
nario de la ciudad de Guadalaxa. y vesino de esta va. hijo lex
de D Jan. de Ansaldo, y de Catarina, de Dueñas Vidarte veci
nos de dicha ciudad, Con Mariana Saucedo, hija lexma. de Mateo
Saucedo, y de Maria Peres, casrisos, vecinos deesta Va. fueron sus pad
nos. Alonso de Sepeda, y Maria de Sepeda su hermana es
panoles y vecinos desta dicha Villa, y testigos al berlos cas
al Cappn. Jua de la Pena, el Cappn. Diego Rodriguez, i otra mucha
pte. y pa qe conste lo firme ficha ut supra

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If this couple is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to them in the comments of this blog post.


  • "México, Coahuila, registros parroquiales, 1627-1978," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2014), Saltillo > Sagrario Metropolitano > Matrimonios 1703-1757 > image 12 of 565; parroquias Católicas, Coahuila (Catholic Church parishes, Coahuila).

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  1. Dear Moises,I believe we are cousins through Sebastian Anzaldua Duenas.
    I am kind of stuck in my genealogy quest. My grandfather was Luis Anzaldua born in Cuero,Tx around 1900. My mother would tell me we came from an ancestor surnamed Del Bosque. Any insight to this story?

    Gracias! Lois Garcia Sheridon

  2. His son was Lorenzo Anzaldua who married Maria Gil. They had a son Jose Rafael Anzaldua who married Maria Josefa De La Garza. Jose Rafael and Maria Josefa has a son named Jose Hilario who married Maria Gertrudis De La Garza. Jose Hilario and Maria Gertrudis had a son named Juan N. Anzaldua who married Victoriana De La Garza. They had a son named Hilario who had a son named Antonio. Antonio’s daughter is my mother Maria Elena Anzaldua married Jose Daniel Rosales.
    Hello Cousin!!

  3. Sebastian Anzaldo could be born in Guadalajara, Spain? And Meto Saucedo could be direct descendent of Juan de Saucedo Espinoza? natural of Guadalupe, Extremadura

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