by Moises Garza

October 4, 2018

The 39th Annual Conference Was Awesome
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

In simple words, the 39th Annual Conference Was Awesome! Just like last year, this years conference did not disappoint.

The above photo is of members of the We Are Cousins community. Last year Noe Longoria got us all together for the group photo and we intend to keep it as a tradition for each year going forward.

Unfortunately, Noe could not take the group photo. His granddaughter was born that same day and he took off to the hospital. Noel, congratulations!

I also want to take the time to congratulate the Bexarenos for hosting this year’s conference and making it the best that they could. Special thanks to their planning committee since it takes special people to put a conference together.

The 39th Annual Conference Was Awesome!

If you have never attended one of these conferences you have to. It’s not so much about the presentations but of the people, primos, you meet. I am so blessed that not for a single moment I found myself alone. There was always someone to talk to.

Like always, Crispin Rendon was there and gave a ton of free books to attendees. I want to thank him for the one he gave me about Nueva Galicia.

I also got to buy 30 books from Guillermo Garmendia Leal, whom I have always admired and who has created books with information about our ancestors that you can’t easily find.

Overall the 39th Annual Conference Was Awesome! I had fun and a great time. Also the We Are Cousins community got to meet my mother in law Chris Salinas and her sister Rose Salinas. They went with me to help me at my vendor table and they had a blast. They were amazed at our caring, embracing, and loving community of primos.

New Website to Promote The Conference

To help promote this conference more and help make more people aware of it I created a website dedicated to it. Here is the link:

There you will already find information to next years conference. I will soon send more details about it to everyone.

If you plan on attending next year make sure to register soon and get your hotel room fast since this year both sold out. Many people leaving it to the last minute did not get a spot and missed out.

Special Thanks to Cate

I also want to thank Cate Biggs for all her help in our DNA Group and for taking so many photos of the conference.

You can find these photos in the following links:


Read About Last Year’s Conference

The 38th Annual Conference Was Awesome!

The 7th We Are Cousins Virtual Genealogy Conference Will Take Place September 11-13, 2024

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  1. Glad that your group were able to meet , and that you had an awesome time, wish I could have been their, I have never been to one of these gatherings.Love those T-Shirts that the people were wearing,with the three persons,pink,blue and green there was quite a few that went. that was awesome.

  2. Thank you so much for your great presentation. We are so thankful for the great sessions and the round table. Too bad we couldn’t have had more time with the round table – maybe even some type of way to work with eachother or even as a team to assist others. Btw thank you for the help with gedmatch. Thank you cousin:)

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