by Moises Garza

July 3, 2018

1698 Baptism of Ana Maria Guajardo in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

Here is the 1698 Baptism of Ana Maria Guajardo. She was baptised in what is now Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. 

Also, Ana Maria Guajardo is my 8th great grandmother. She is the daughter of Joseph Martinez Guajardo and Margarita Gutierrez.

She grows up to marry Jose Jacinto Peña for whom I have yet to find parents for. I am a descendant of hers through her daughter Maria Catarina de Peña.

The below document shows that her God parents are Juan Gonzalez Hidalgo and Rosa Gutierrez. I am not sure f they are related but it is likely that they are.

Transcription of The 1698 Baptism of Ana Maria Guajardo

Ana Maria española

En primero de Junio de mil y seisientos y nobenta y ocho años En
La Parochial desta Ciudad Baptize y puse Los Santos Oleos a Ana qe.
nasio a veinte y quatro de maio hija lejitima de Joseph Guaxardo y
Margarita Gutierres sumujer españoles. fueron los Padrinos Juo. G
salez hidalgo y Rosa Gutierrez a quienes adverti el parentesco esp
iritual qe avian contraido y la obligacion qe tenian de enseñarle la
loctrina xptiana a la aijada y para qe conste lo firme = vt supra

Br. Lorenzo Perez de Leon

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Are You a Descendant of Ana Maria Guajardo?

If you are, let me know in the comments of this post. I would love to add you to my family tree.

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FamilySearch: Mexico Baptisms 1560-1950 (FamilySearch), "México, Nuevo León, registros parroquiales, 1667-1981," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 21 May 2014), Monterrey > Catedral > Bautismos 1668-1731 > image 173 of 551; Parroquias de la Iglesia Católica, Nuevo León (Catholic Church parishes, Nuevo León).

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  1. [My Ancestors] Your Catalina’s brother:
    Joseph de la Peña + María Ana Apolonia López-de-Jaén
    José Antonio de la Peña + María Petra García Barrera
    José Dionicio de la Peña + María Leonarda Ramírez
    María Faustina Peña + José Francisco Roman Peña Hinojosa
    María del Pilar de Jesús Peña + José Manuel Gutiérrez Alanis
    María Gutiérrez Peña + Amado de la Garza Palacios
    Alicia de la Garza + Máximo Pérez García
    Lucinda María Pérez + Serapio Lealdo Sendejo

  2. Moises, you mentioned, “She was baptised in what is now Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. “, could you tell us more about the history of Monterrey, for instance, what was the area named during when Ana Maria Guajardo was born? I like hearing the original names and history surrounding our ancestors. Thanks!

  3. Hi primo! Ana Maria Guajardo is also my 8th great grandmother! I am related to her son Juan Jose Peña. So glad I found this website as I’ve been very interested in my genealogy and family history.

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