by Moises Garza

June 19, 2018

1780 Marriage of Franciso Javier Garcia and Juana Maria Guajardo in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the September 13, 1780 Marriage of Franciso Javier Garcia and Juana Maria Guajardo in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Francisco Javier and Juana Maria Guajardo are the 4th great grandparents of my wife.

This record indicates that the parents of Francisco Javier are Francisco Xavier Garcia and Ysabel Maira de Sepeda. This record indicates that Maria de Sepeda had already died before the wedding since she is listed as "difunta".

The parents of Juana Maria are listed as Bartolome Guxardo and Maria Nicolasa de la Garza.

Transcription of The Marriage of Franciso Javier Garcia and Juana Maria Guajardo in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

En trece de sept.e demil setecient.s y ochenta añs. enesta Parroql. de Monterrey
haviendo precedido las diligencas. establecidas por [?] y leidose tres amo
nestaciones intermirarum solemnia en los dias tres, ocho, y diez del
presente mes y no resultado impedimto. alguno asisti con presiencia
de sos testigos q. lo fueron Pedro Rafael de suelo y Diego Jph Valdes al
matrimonio solemne qe. contrajo Franco. Antonio Garcia origin. y ves.o
deesta ciudad hijo lexmo de Franco. Xavier Garcia y de Ysabel Maria
de Sepeda ya difunta con Juana Maria Guxardo oriunda y vesa.
deesta Feligresia en el Puesto de Santa Rosa hija lexitima de Bar-
tolome Guaxardo y de Maria Nicolasa de la Garza y en el mismo dia
bendeci este matrimo. seg. Ritos enla Yglesia y Para qe. cosnte lo firme =

Br. Alexandro de la Garza

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If this couple is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to them in the comments of this blog post.


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  1. Hi Moises, Francisco Antonio Garcia and Juana Maria Guajardo are my grand parents as well , but why is it That the document shows Francisco (Antonio) Garcia instead of Francisco (Javier) Garcia, thanks

  2. Thanks for the info Moises, Francisco Xavier Antonio Garcias parents are Francisco Xavier Garcia (Sambrano) and Isabel Maria de Sepeda, I was able to find Isabel Maria de Sepedas parents Ambrosio de Sepeda and Petronila de Longoria, but I could not find Francisco Xavier Garcia Sambranos Parents, where can I find information about them? or do you know who are they, THANKS, i APPRECIATE YOUR HELP

  3. Thanks Moises, Francisco Xavier Antonio Garcías father is Francisco Xavier García Sambrano, do you know where can I find info about his parents, thanks

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