Families of Villaldama, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume One

Families of Villaldama, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume One

A few days ago Crispin Rendon published Families of Villaldama, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume One. It is the first volume in his new series focusing on the families of Villaldama. 

If you have family/ancestors from Villaladama or it's surrounding communities make sure to get a copy of this eBook for your genealogical library.

This e-book is an excellent resource so do not miss the opportunity to get a copy for your self.

Introduction of First Volume by Crispin

Crispin Rendon


Volume one of Families of Villaldama, Nuevo Leon contains marriage information from the first 500 marriage records found on the FamilySearch.org browse online collection (matrimonios 1760-1892). The marriages in volume one occurred in the time span of April 25, 1760 to February 5, 1799. Basic information from the marriage records is presented along with other information gathered in an attempt to present two generation descendant reports. Most of the non-marriage record information presented was gathered using the FamilySearch.org database index.

Families of Villaldama, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume One

Please ensure that you get a copy of this eBook, since you never know how long it will be available for download.

If you don't have a digital genealogical library this book is a great resource that you can start with.

3 thoughts on “Families of Villaldama, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume One

  1. Lori

    Hi. My antivirus will not allow me to access the link via the “Download E-book” button. Can you give me the actual URL so I can try that way? Thank you!

  2. Antonio Santos

    Thanks for your work “Families of Villaldama. I have been researching the archival records of Mexico for some time and have found it interesting. Have found the research challenging due to the handwritten script style and the use of legal terminology in the old Spanish vernacular. Your work makes it easier to research my Santos family roots.

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