by Moises Garza

January 30, 2018

1817 Death of Jose Anselmo Perez in Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the death record of my 4th great grandfather Jose Anselmo Perez whom died in Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

What is nice about this record is that it mentions that he was married to Maria Rita Rodriguez and that he was from Cieneguilla. The record also mentions that he made a will, that is a clue for further research. This is one of the reasons that I highly recommend that you always find records, transcribe them, and analyse them for additional clues.

I have yet to find the parents of his wife Maria Rita Rodriguez.

If interested in seeing whom the parents of Jose Anselmo, you can find out by reading his baptism record here: Baptism of Jose Anselmo Perez.

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Transcription of Above Image

The following transcription was done by Miguel Angel Gonzalez, he posted it in our ​We Are Cousins Facebook page.

19 Jul 1817 – En esta Parroquia de Santiago del Guajuco en diez y nueve de Julio de mil ochocientos diez y siete años sepulte con cruz alta en capa fabrica de cinco pesos a Anselmo Perez, español adulto de cincuenta años de edad, casado que fue con Maria Rita Rodriguez vecino de la Cieneguilla territorio de esta Valle, murió de disentería y recibió los Santos Sacramentos de Penitencia y extrema union: hizo testamento y manda que pague a la manda piadosa mandada pr. Rl. Cedula tres ps. y a las otras acostumbradas dos rrs. a cada una. Y para que conste lo firmo. Jose Estanislao Cantu

Are You A Descendant?

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