1776 Death Record of Maria Gertrudis Barrera in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

This is the August 18, 1776 Death Record of my 7th great grandmother Maria Gertrudis Barrera in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

This record indicates that Maria Gertrudis is the wife of Jose Garspar Garcia. Whose death record I shared a few weeks ago. What is so interesting about this record is that it seems to indicate that she left behind seven children but I am not sure as the record is very faint.

If it is really seven then I have extra children for them since i have identified nine children and Crispin Rendon has identified thirteen and an adopted child. It could be that married children were not counted and or it could mean that there are more adopted children whom we think are his legitimate children.

I also have yet to discover whom her parents are.

If anyone has nay insight into this please let us know in the comments of this post.

Transcription of Above Image

16 Dña. Maria Gertrudis Barrera

En 18 del mes de Agosto de este presnete año de Setenta y Seis en la Yglesia Parroquial de esta Villla di sepultura ecliciastica a Dna. Maira Gertrudis Barrera quien dejo viudo a Dn. Gaspar Garcia y (siete hijos- not sure) [?] [?] recivio todos los sacramentos no testo murio de [?] y [?] [?], murio de quarenta anos de hedad y pa. qe. conste lo firme en dicho dia mes y año -

Fr. Manuel Antonio Brutron

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If  Maria Gertrudis Barrera is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to her in the comments of this blog post.


  • Crispin D Rendon, Crispin D. Rendon - Ancestor Book for Moises Garza (3430 Bahia Place, Riverside, CA 92507, Crispin D Rendon, February 9, 2014), Personal Archives of Moises Garza, Pg. 94.

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4 thoughts on “1776 Death Record of Maria Gertrudis Barrera in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

  1. Florencio Pena III

    Ma Gertrudis Barrera had two daughters Petra Garcia and Balvina Garcia who married Jose Antonio Pena (m 1.27.1779) and Jose Bernardo Pena (1.29.1779) must have been a week long celebration. Antonio and Bernardo mother was Ma Ana Apolinia Lopez who’s parents were Juan Bautista Chapa Benavides and Maria Rita Lopez de Jean.

    Saludos Primo

  2. Jose Cantu

    Maria Gertrudes is my 6th Great Grandmother who was related to my Great Grandmother Severina Garcia married to Crisoforo Hinojosa parents to my Grandmother Dora Hinojosa Lopez who married Ferman Lopez.

      1. Jose Cantu

        Jose Wenselao Pena Barrera is her father
        Antonia Saenz is her mother.
        This is according to another Ancestry member that has Gaspar garcia and the children listed that I have on my Ancestry tree.

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