by Moises Garza

January 23, 2018

1692 Marriage of Joseph Villarreal and Maria Oropeza in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the September 26, 1692 Marriage record of my wife's 7th great grandparents Joseph Villarreal and Maria Oropeza in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Unfortunately this record does not mention whom the parents are but form other records we know that the parents of Joseph Villarreal are Bernabe Villarreal and Isabel Garza. The parents of Maria are Manuel Perez de Oropeza and Maria Treviño de Renteria.

The witnesses are listed as Geronimo Cantu, Nicolas de Treviño, and Nicolas Barrera. 

Transcription of Above Image

Joseph de villarl. y Maria de oropeza españoles

En Veinte y seis de Sept.e de mil seiscientos y noben
ta y dos años despose por palabras de presente y bele
a Joseph de Villa Rl y Maria de Oropeza Vezinos
del Rl. de las Salinas desta Juron abiendo precedido las
vanas en onze diez y ocho y veinte y cinco de dcho mes
y año fueron testigos Geronimo Cantu Nicolas de Trebiño
y Nicolas Barrera Y para que conste lo firme etsu -

F Joseph Guaxardo

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  • Crispin D. Rendon - Ancestor Book for Clarissa Iris Perez (3430 Bahia Place, Riverside, CA 92507, Self Published, April 10, 2015), Personal Archives of Moises Garza, Pg. 54.

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  1. Maria Oropeza Trevino (1672 – 1727)
    7th great-grandmother
    Joseph Antonio Villarreal (1712 – 1750)
    son of Maria Oropeza Trevino
    Maria Quiteria Villarreal (1738 – 1804)
    daughter of Joseph Antonio Villarreal
    Jose Luis Olivarez (1758 – 1814)
    son of Maria Quiteria Villarreal
    Jose Reducindo Olivarez (1796 – 1862)
    son of Jose Luis Olivarez
    Ciriaco Olivarez (1842 – 1892)
    son of Jose Reducindo Olivarez
    Reducindo Olivarez (1882 – 1962)
    son of Ciriaco Olivarez
    Hormecinda Olivarez (1919 – 2009)
    daughter of Reducindo Olivarez
    Jose Guadalupe Leal (1940 – 2007)
    son of Hormecinda Olivarez
    Deanna L Leal
    You are the daughter of Jose Guadalupe Leal
    Hopefully all is correct 🙂

  2. My wife Rebecca T. Zamora is related to you thru the Villarreal side. Joseph Villarreal and Maria Oropeza had a son named Juan Antonio V. b. 1719 whom married Rosalia Flores b.1724. They had a son named Joseph Antonio V. whom married Maria Gertrudis Vega. They had a son named Juan Antonio Villarreal b.1770 whom married Andrea Zamora b. 1780. They had a son named Juan Manuel V. b. 1798 whom married Maria Del Refugio Cisneros b. 1798. They had a daughter named Florentina V. b. 1837 whom married Guadalupe Mercado b. 1828. They had a daughter named Ramona M. b. 1858 whom married Desiderio Garza. They had a daughter named Isabel Garza b. 1891 whom married Federico Ochoa b. 1876. They had a daughter named Senovia b. 1913 whom married Angelberto Trevino B. 1920. They are the parents of my wife Rebecca Trevino now Zamora.

  3. Hello again. I am a direct ancestor of Capt Bernabe Villarreal + Isabel Garza and their daughter Antonia Villarreal+Capt Nicolas Gutierrez de Lara. Antonia is the sister to the subject of this post, Joseph Villarreal. Capt Bernabe Villarreal is 12 generations back from me, which makes him my 8th (?) great-grandfather. You mention that the parents of Joseph are not mentioned in the marriage record, but that you know who they are from other documents. I would like to know which documents because I am finding many of the marriage records from the late 1600s do not mention parents names. And I don’t know where to look for them.

    1. I have to look for it but I think I got it from the Marriage Investigation of Guadalajara book. I just sent you an email with the line connecting to Joseph Villarreal and Maria Oropeza.

  4. These are my ancestors also. HOW COOL IS THAT!
    (This line goes to Quiteria Villarreal & Matteo Olivares)
    1. Rodrigo Vilarreal B: 1490 & Beatriz Alonzo
    2. Juan de Villarreal B: 1510 & Leonor Saavedra
    3. Miguel de Villarreal B: 1550 & Maria Gutierrez del Castillo
    4. Juan Francisco de Villarreal B: 1575 & Leonarda Areyzeta Lopez
    5. Capt. Diego de Villarreal born 1601 & Beatriz de las Casas Navarro(Bernabe de Las Casas & Beatriz Navarro)
    6. BERNABE DE VILLARREAL born 1634 & Isabel de La Garza
    7. JOSEPH VILLARREAL-DE-LA-GARZA born 1664 married MARIA OROPEZA-DE-TREVINO(Maria Clara de Renteria Trevino m.Captain Manuel Perez Oropeza)
    9. MARIA-QUITERIA VILLARREAL-HINOJOSA & MATTEO OLIVARES *1st (2nd F. Xavier Salinas) Pedro Regalado Olivares &Maria Munguia)
    10. Jose Luis Olivares, b. Abt. 1763 M. Ma. Josepha Chapa(Nicholas Joseph Chapa married 2nd Josepha Lopez Bermudes)
    11. Jose Francisco Romano Olivares, b. Abt. 1790 Ana Maria Garcia(Jose Ignacio Garcia Olivares & Francisca Saenz Garcia)
    12. Eulogio Olivares, b. 16 June 1833 Antonia Lopez(dau. Benito Lopez de Jaen & Francisca Lopez)
    13. Hilario Olivares married 1905 Romula Barrera Guerra(Cayetano Barrera Barrera & Crisanta Guerra Guerra)
    14. Beatriz Olivares B. 1914 Mar.24 Nov. 1940 Victoriano Alvarado (Arcadio Alvarado Garza& Gertrudis Gonzales Resendez)
    15. Blanca Lea Alvarado. married 25 Feb. 1967 Michael B. Curl (Vernon B. Curl Garber II & Jeraldine WebsterScarbourgh)
    16. Tanya Leah Curl b. 29 March 1975 & met John Stoner
    17. Rachel Leah Curl (Stoner) B. 25 July 1999

      1. Looking for my distant cousin names Alma Schutz she and I had worked on Juan trevino Garcia Saldivar and Simon JudasThadeo de Trevino and Peche etc.

  5. They are my 7th great grand parents as well!! Hola, primo! Now maybe I can get some info straight. I have as my 6th ggfather, one of their sons, Juan Antonio V. who married, Rosalia Flores. Because I could not find any documentation on either, I reached out to Crispin. I got tons of info from him! However, he connects me to Jose Antonio V. and wife Ma. Catarina Hinojosa instead of Juan Antonio and Rosalia; and has Jose Antonio V who married Gertrudis Vega as their son. I thought JoseAV was Juan Antonio and Rosalia’a son! There is no mention of Juan Antonio and Rosalia in Crispin’s info!!! What to do??? My connection?? Jose Antonio and Gertrudis Vega have Juan Antonio V who marries Maria Andrea Zamora whose son Jose Manuel V who has Hilario V by 2nd wife Ma. Rosalia de la Garza. Hilario and Isabel Abrego have Librada V. Librada married Jose Francisco Ochoa and they have my grandmother Josefina Ochoa who married Juan Sanchez. They in turn have my father, Gilberto Sanchez.

  6. Good Morning Moises, Joseph de Villarreal is my 7th G uncle, brother to Miguel de Villarreal (1682-1729) my 7th GG, sons of Bernabe de Villarreal. Line goes as follows:
    Bernabe de Villarreal 1634-1694 m to Ysabel de la Garza
    Miguel de Villarreal 1682-1729 m to Ana Maria de la Garza Gonzalez
    Miguel de Villarreal 1716-1796 m to Francisca Viviana de Cardenas Gonzalez
    Joseph Agapito Villarreal Cardenas 1760- ? m to MA Guadalupe Montemayor
    Jose Nicolas Gregorio Villarreal (1791-1867) m to MA Guadalupe Lozano
    Dionicio Villarreal Lozano (1837-1924) m to Juana MTZ MTZ
    Francisco Villarreal MTZ (1868-1950) m to MA Asuncion Martinez MTZ
    Jose Sebastian Villarreal MTZ ( 1899-1972) m to Gregoria Martinez Villarreal
    Ovidio C Villarreal , my father

  7. Hi Moises, Jose de Villarreal de la Garza and Maria de Oropeza are also my ascendants. I am having a hard time documenting the marriage of Miguel de Villarreal m. to Josepha Chapa y Lopez from Vallecillo Nuevo Leon. Information was sent to me about Miguel’s father, but at the moment it is not documented yet, by me. The fallowing was found on family search and Miguel is supposed to be the son of Francico de Villarreal and Petrona Rodriguez Chapa. His parents are Josea Villareal de la Garza and Maria de Oropeza, maternal grandparents are Manuel Perez de Oropeza and Maria de Renteria. On Jose de Villarreal I have his parents as Cap. Bernabe de Villarreal de la Garza and Izabel de la Garza Falcon Garcia. Bernabe’s parents as Cap. Diego de Villarreal y Beatriz de las Casas Navarro. Izabel’s parents, Francisco de la Garza Falcon and Juana Gutierrez de Lara Garcia.
    On Petrona Rodriguez Chapa I have her parents as Valerio Rodriguez de Carbajal Longoria and mother as Michaela Chapa ( Dont have any more on her) on Valerios parents I have Nicolas Rodriguez de Carbaja; (Alcalde Mayor de Monterrey) and Ana Longoria

  8. Joseph Villarreal De La Garza
    7th great-grandfather
    Juan Antonio Villarreal Orpeza (1719 – )
    son of Joseph Villarreal De La Garza
    Rosalia Villarreal (1755 – )
    daughter of Juan Antonio Villarreal Orpeza
    Josefa Cantu
    daughter of Rosalia Villarreal
    Nazario Gonzalez (1792 – )
    son of Josefa Cantu
    Jesus Gonzalez (1837 – 1907)
    son of Nazario Gonzalez
    Nasario Gonzalez (1877 – )
    son of Jesus Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez (1910 – 2001)
    daughter of Nasario Gonzalez
    Omer Alejo Ramos (1935 – 2004)
    son of Maria Gonzalez
    Adalberto Ramos
    You are the son of Omer Alejo Ramos

  9. Joseph de Villarreal and Maria Oropeza are my 7th great-grandparents as well. This is through Joseph Antonio Villarreal and Maria Catarina Hinojosa. I am fairly new to working on my ancestry and a little curious about other avenues of research. The only real research has been through and the internet. Through the internet is where I found this website. Any suggestions?

  10. My search stops at my great great grandparents doretio and ignacia Villarreal . My great great grandpa doretio Villarreal was born in Mexico In 1877 and that is the last thing I’m getting from research . My great grandpa Full names are Onesimo Villarreal And Cecilia Severina Treviño Villarreal who ended up in Lockhart Texas then Mathis Texas. I’m stuck… help. I’m not sure who’s parents are doretio Villarreal but his kids include Miguel, Francisco , Onésimo and Serapio villerreal

  11. My name is Richard Anthony Powell (Villareal) my 2nd ggr father is Rumaldo V. and 3rd ggr father is Pedro Jose V. Vela 1772-1795,and 4th ggr father is Pedro Jose V. Flores 1750-1822,and my 5TH ggr father is Francisco V. Trevino 1700-1750 and my 6th ggr father is Joseph de Villareal de la Garza 1664-1723 and my 7th ggr father is Bernabe de las Casas de Villareal1635-1694 and my 8th ggr father is Diego Francisco de Villareal and my 9th ggr father is General Jaun Francisco de Villareal 1576-1615.As I delve depper into my family I find it it very interesting.

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