Archivo General del Estado de Coahuila Boletín Digital

Download four free ebooks about Coahuila that I came across the other day. They contain great historical and great genealogical clues.

My favorite one is the second volume since it contains an article about two of my ancestors, Diego de Montemayor and Alberto del Canto. The article is titled: El Saltillo virreinal en sus orígenes. La pugna entre Montemayor y Del Canto by María Elena Santoscoy.

Yes all these ebooks are in Spanish but if you don't know how to read Spanish you can copy and paste them into google translate.

Let me know in the comments as to which Boletin is your favorite one. Let me know also if you find anything you like.

2 thoughts on “Archivo General del Estado de Coahuila Boletín Digital

  1. Carlos Martín Herrera de la Garza

    Siempre archivo documentos de historia y genealogía disponibles en la red, y WEARECOUSINS ha sido un gran recurso para encontrar material interesante. Muchas gracias Moisés Garza. Invaluable labor que realizas en beneficio de la comunidad genealógica del noreste de México y sur de Texas. Te saluda tu amigo Carlos Martín Herrera de la Garza

  2. Betty Castro

    What great resources, Moises. Once I go through them, I will be able to comment as to my favorite one. Thank you so very much! What a great day it was when I decided to join LVDN!

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