1793 Death Record of Jose Balentin de Olivares in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

This is the December 1, 1793 death record of my wife's 7th great grandfather Jose Balentin de Olviares in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

This record indicates that he died at age 89 and that he leaves his wife Maria de Jesus Guajardo.

Through other records I have found out that the parents of Jose Balentin are Juan de Olivares and Maria Rita Vela.

Transcription of Above Image

Josef Balentin de Olivares, Caro. espl. faba. Sp.

Dizre. de 93

En esta Parroquia de la villa de Mier en primo. de Dizre. en noventa y tres, Yo como cura de ella di sepultura ecca. con entierro Mayor en fabrica de sinco ps. al cuerpo de Jose Balentin de Olivares espl. casado qe. fue con Maria de Jesus Guajardo, a qn. dejo Viuda ves. de esta villa, murio alos ochenta y nueve as. de sus edad de diarrea despues de haverse dispuesto con los stos. Sacramtos. de penitencia y extrema uncion, no testo por pobre, y para qe. conste lo firme.

Fr. Franco. Davalos Palomero

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If  Jose Balentin is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to him in the comments of this blog post.


  • Crispin Rendon, Crispin D. Rendon - Ancestor Book for Clarissa Iris Perez (3430 Bahia Place, Riverside, CA 92507, Self Published, April 10, 2015), Personal Archives of Moises Garza, Pg. 52.

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  1. Lisa Araiza

    Hey Moises! I was wondering if it would be possible for this record to be translated into english? If it’s not too much trouble, that would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

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