Chapa a Study of the Descendants of Juan Bautista Schiapapria

This a must have book for any Chapa researcher and or any one that is a descendant of Juan Bautista Chapa whom was born in 15 Nov 1627 in Villa Albisola, Italy and died in Monterrey back in 20 Apr 1695.

The title of this book is “Chapa a Study of the Descendants of Juan Bautista Schiapapria (Chapa) Through the XVIII Century” and was written by Norman P. Brown back in June 6, 1992. It is an excellent resource and it is an extensive research tool when it comes to the Chapa Last name.


From the Author:

My interest in Juan Bautista Chapa started in 1978 when I discovered that my wife was a direct descendant. Active research began with my retirement to South Texas in 1986, for now I was within reasonable driving range to Monterrey, the place that the originator lived and died. I was asked to do Chapa research for others and I accumulated great deal of material. Therefore, I decided to try to account for the first one hundred and fifty years ( 1651 – 1800) of the Chapas in Mexico, a period when the records are few and difficult to obtain. – Norman P. Brown

Read a Copy of This Book Online:

This book is very rare and you will probably even not be able to buy a copy anywhere. Lucky for us the Corpus Christi Library has a copy online and you can browse it any time you want. I have also personally seen that they have the printed book in their special collections.

We here is the link:

Are you a Descendant of Juan Bautista Chapa?

Juan Bautista turns out to be my 9nd great grandfather. If you are also a descendant and would like for me to include you in my family tree just send me your line to him so that I can add you. After I enter you into my tree, I’ll send you a PDF showing how exactly we are related.

16 thoughts on “Chapa a Study of the Descendants of Juan Bautista Schiapapria

  1. Debbie Barnes

    I’m a descendant of Juan Bautista Chapa. Our family has been fighting for the land in Rio Grande City for many years. I would like to speak to you. Please contact me

  2. Jack Condon


  3. Florencio Pena III

    My name is Florencio Pena III. I am a descendant of Juan Bautista Chapa Benavides who married Maria Rita Lopez-de-Jaen-Hinojosa. Their daughter Maria Ana Lopez-de-Jaen-Hinojosa married the first Pena in my line Jose Pena Guajardo (parents Jose Jacinto Dela Garza Pena and Ana Maria Guajardo Guttierez de Castro) I am trying to confirm that my name Florencio came from the Chapa line somehow i.e. Capitan Jose Florencio Chapa. Is there any way to confirm this? Thanks Primo

  4. Victoria Chapa

    My dad is from Monterrey, Mexico and his name is Hugo Chapa, his father Julio Chapa and that’s all I know. Is there any way to know if we are some of the true descendents of Juan Chapa?

  5. Zelene Didier

    Hi my mom Maria Virginia Chapa is from Tamaulipas and so is her father Jose Angel Chapa. I’ve been attempting to, with the help on, to build the family tree up to Juan Bautista Chapa but with little knowledge of how to I keep hitting a wall. Do you have any suggestions for me.

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