Families of Lampazos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Five

Families of Lampazos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Five

In this post, you can download and read more about Crispin Rendon’s eBook Families of Lampazos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Five.

This is the last eBook by Crispin Rendon on the Families of Lampazos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Crispin thank you for all your hard work. Just in case that you have not gotten it here is more information on his free eBook on Lampazos de Naranjo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This final Volume is number five.

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Description of eBook by Crispin

Volume four of five in this series contains marriage information from 500 marriage records found on film 605576 (matrimonios 1729-1867). These marriages occurred in the time span of August 13, 1830 to September 29, 1853. These marriages are found on images 358-445. Basic information from the marriage records is presented along with other information gathered in an attempt to present two generation descendant reports. Most of the non-marriage record information presented was gathered using the FamilySearch.org database index.

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Cover of eBook: Families of Lampazos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Five

Families of Lampazos de Naranjo, nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Five

Email from Crispin Rendon:

Families of Lampazos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Five


Best Regards,

Crispin Rendon

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  1. Ken James

    I provided my name and email address and am trying to download the Families of Lampazos de Naranjo series. I have been unable to do so. I keep getting a forbidden message. How can I find out more about these books to see if they will be useful to me? I am interested in the very early inhabitants of Lampazos de Naranjo, the late between 1688 and 1750. I am looking for a connection between two people with the surname San Miguel.

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