1775 Church Death Record of Bartolome de Lizarraras Y Cuellar in Revilla, Tamaulipas, Mexico

This is the 1775 death record of my 6th great grandfather Bartolome de Lizarraras y Cuellar. He died on the 7th of July 1775 in Revilla, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

I was able to find this image due to the work of Felipe de la Pena but he had the date wrong, instead of June it is July an error done due to the images lack of month. Luckily I was able to read on top of it “Junio No Hubo” then it has “julio 1775” next to it.

If in a rush one can easily get the date wrong. That is why it is very important to always verify the information your self.

I also noticed that Family Search no longer has this image.

I think it is a mistake that they did when they separated the collection. Well, back to the death record.

This image indicates that Bartolomes parents were Asencio Lizarraras de Cuellar and Ana Garcia de Trevino. It also indicates that his wife was Maria Gregoria Martinez.

You can view their marriage record here “Bartholome de Cuellar and Maria Gregoria Martinez, 1732 Marriage, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico“.

Cut out of Original Image:

Unfortunately the Original Image is no longer at FamilySearch.org it seems that it is missing. I happen to have the original that I downloaded about a year ago.

Transcription of death image:

Dn Bartholome de Lisarra y Cuellar Espnl.

En esta Missn. de Sn.Ygnacio de Loyola de Revilla en siete dias deel mes de Julio de este presente ano de mil sets. seta. y cinco: Yo Fr. Juan Manl. de la Parra di Sepultura eclesiastica al cuerpo de Dn. Bartholo Lizarraras. y Cuellar cassado con Da. Gregoria Martinez: hi lexitimo de Dn Ascencio Lizarraras y Cuellar, y de Anna Garcia Trevino de mal de orina hizo testamto. y recibio loas Santos Sacrams. y por que conmste lo firme esth. dia, mes y ano ut Supra.

Fr Juan Manl. de la Parra.


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