I Just Delete Two Ancestors

Deleted Ancestors

Always follow up on secondary sources and obtain that original document. A while back I got the baptismal date of January 14, 1741 for my 6th great grandmother Maria Guadalupe Garcia. Well today she came up as the next document to obtain. I browsed the Monterrey baptisms and found it fairly quick. As I was transcribing it I noticed that the name on the baptism was not Maria Guadalupe but Maria Gertrudis.

Luckily for me I cite my sources and quickly found where I obtained the information from. After analyzing the book I noticed that a Maria Gertrudis was also named as her sibling with the same baptism date.  I thought that maybe she was a twin and that I needed to look at the previous and next record to locate my ancestors baptism.

Turns out that she was no where to be found. I am assuming that my source has the wrong information. I am fortunate that I decided to not do any research on her parents until I had the document proving her parents were her parents which turned out to not be. I had them listed as Jose Cristobal Garcia and Maria Antonia Garcia.

I had another source listed for her on her marriage date and it was “las Villas del Norte: The Pena Descendancy” by Carol Norquest. She was listed on page 15 so I revisited it once again. Mr. Norquest has her parents listed as Jose Cristobal Garcia and Maria Petrona Cantu. Turns out I already had them through another line and also had another Maria Guadalupe Garcia. I merged the two individuals into one. I also found her baptism date to be 22 Apr 1740 (Source Crispin Rendon) but I still have to look for it. Norquests lists the Index Investigations of Gudalajara and one of Garmendia Leals books as his sources. I checked them both out and the information is solid.

The moral of the story, don’t just get dates make sure that you get a copy of the record since sometimes they don’t exist and or the information is wrong


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