1707 Baptism of Ana Catarina Rodriguez Montemayor in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is the 1707 baptism of my 7th great grandmother Ana Catarina Rodriguez de Montemayor in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Her parents are listed as Nicolas Rodrigues and Thomasina Ruiz. Her God parents are listed as Nicolas de la Se[?] and Maria de la Serna. I obtained the necessary clue to find this document form Crispin Rendon. If you are related to her let me know. Please write how you relate to her in the comments section of this post. It also appears that she was form el Valle del Guajuco.

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Transcription of baptism Image:

Chatarina espanola

En nuebe de Henero de setecientos y siete anos Baptise y Puse Santos Oleos con lisencia [en Guajuco] el Lido. D. Marcos Gon[?]les Hidalgo, a Chatarina legitima de Nicolas Rodriguez y Thomasina Ruiz, Espanoles fueron sus Padrinos Nicolas de la Se[?] y Maria de la Serna: a quienes advertio lonesesario y para que conste [?] firme.

Geronimo Lope[?] Prieto


FamilySearch.org – Ana Catarina Rodriguez Montemayor FamilySearch Monterrey Catedral Bautismos 1668-1731 Pg 233

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    1. Moises Garza

      Linda, during Spanish rule in Mexico the child when older could use the name that he liked. I have seen cases that the grandparents name would be used instead of any of the parents. The reasons are unknown but most of the time they would chose the one with the most prestige.

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