Eustacio De Leon Sanchez y Sofia Duron Elizondo Great Grandparents of Juan Jesus de Leon

Photos are a window to the past and we are lucky that form time to time we may find one of our ancestors. Special thanks to Juan Jesus de Leon. He has shared with us in the past his project of the De Leon Surname in Montemorelos and has also shared with us on a previous post pictures of his grandparents. I’ll have links at the bottom of this post to all of those posts.

Here are the email that he sent me along with the photo of his great grandparents Eustacio De Leon Sanchez y Sofia Duron Elizondo.

Haven’t been doing any re-search lately as You know We need a little break from time to time

Right now i’m working on my third Montemorelos Project  Defunciones De Montemorelos on the De Leon Side  and  what else .???  Oh Yeah I received some pictures of my Paternal Grandpa I had never seen before  and actually one of my Grandpa’s parents dated Sep 30th 1904  the day they got married .

I would love for You to share it in Your blog   and I have a couple of more pics supposedly of my great-grandmother on my paternal side but I have to confirm it first and make sure that it is her

Anyways here’s the pic. Eustacio De Leon Sanchez y Sofia Duron Elizondo my great grandparents

I don’t if You remember on one of the pics I had sent You of my grandpa wearing His Mariachi.

Eustacio De Leon Sanchez  my great grandfather, we are not really 100% sure about his birth year could be 1885  – 1886 since some of the Cadereyta Records are lost there’s no record of baptism. We can only assume that it could be these 2 years based on what his Marriage Certificate says and the 1930 Mexico Census. My Great-grandmother Sofia Duron  Elizondo was born in 1887 also based on what the Marriage Certificate says. On My great grandmother Sofia  there’s also a De Leon branch on her maternal side  she is  daughter to Jesus Emiliano Duron Cabello and Dolores Elizondo De Leon ,<~~~~ this De Leon Branch I haven’t been able to trace Yet :/

The picture was provided by my Cousin Astrid Rodriguez De Leon when she started digging up old photographs after her father’s passing 2 months ago, these old pics are like our own little family treasure since not even my dad knew these pics existed .

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