WAC-21: The Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society With Mary Torres

Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society with Mary Torres

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In this episode Moises talks with Mary Torres the current president of the Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society. They talk about the benefits that the RGVHGS offers and also why you should join a local genealogical society.

Show Notes:

This is session number 21

This podcast’s main topic will be an interview with Mary Torres concerning The Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society of which Mary Torres is the current president of.

The Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society Facebook Page

You can visit this society’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/RGVHGS

The Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society Website

If you need more information about this society you can visit them in their website: http://www.rgvhispanicgenealogicalsociety.com/

Buy Books From The Society

This society has various publications that will be of interest to you. You can check them out here: http://www.rgvhispanicgenealogicalsociety.com/Books_for_Sale.html

Membership Application

If interested in joining this society you can download their application form from here: http://www.rgvhispanicgenealogicalsociety.com/uploads/Membership_Application_2014.pdf

Marry Torre’s Email

Marry mentions that the best way to contact her is to message her through his Facebook page but here is the email to contact Mario you can do so at torresmaro at att.net

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