by Moises Garza

February 1, 2015

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

Captain Diego Gonzalez was my 8th great grandfather. I was pleasantly surprised to find a book about him in my local university’s library. The book is titled “Apuntes Genealogicos del Capitan Diego Gonzalez” in English it basically translates to Genealogical Writings about Captain Diego Gonzalez. This book was written by Leticia E, Montemayor back in 1997 and it contains a wealth of information.

If you are a descendant of him as well I highly recommend that you obtain a copy of this book. It contains information about his family, parents and grandparents. His last will and testament are included. It was amazing to read it, specially how it is worded. The first paragraph got me a bit emotional. I have included it bellow, let me know what you think.

Cover of Book

First Paragraph of the will of Captain Diego Gonzalez

En nontbre de Dios Todo poderoso, amen, Sepan cuantos esta carta
testamento por ultima voluntad vieren como yo Capitan Diego Gonzalez
vecino de este valle del Carrizal, hijo legititno del Sargento Mayor Diego
Gonzalez y dona Maria de Ochoa, difuntos y vecinos que fueron de la Villa
de Cadereyta allandome como me allo en cama de enferntedad que Dios
Nuestro Senor se ha servido dame y en mi entero juicio, temiendome de la
1muerte como cosa natural a toda criatura viviente, poniendo como mi
abogada intersesora a la siempre virgen Maria nuestra senora y al glorioso
patriarca senor don Joseph y al glorioso patriarca serafico senor San
Francisco y al angel de mi guarda para que intersedan con nuestro senor
Jescuristo, me perdone mis culpas y ponga mi alma en carrera de salvacion.
Creyendo como creo finalmente en el misterio de la Santisima Trinidad,
Padre, Hijo y Espiritu Santo, tres personas distintas y uno solo Dios
verdadero, que vive y reina para siempre y en todo aquello que cree y
confiesa la santa madre Iglesia Catolica, apostolica y Romana, que bajo cuya
fe y creencia he vivido y protesto Vivir y morir y con esta vocacion y a su
servicio hago otorgar este mi ultima voluntad en la forma manuscrita siguiente:

Besides all the great genealogical information that this book holds it also contains allot of information about Higueras, Nuevo Leon. So if that is an area of interest to you I highly recommend it.

Where to get a copy of this book:

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  1. Hi,Moises. I am wondering if this is the same Diego Gonzalez that accompanied Don Juan de Onate in 1598. A Diego Blandin Gonzalez is listed as member of that expedition. Are they the same person? I don’t know. I was hoping you might know. Two other men show up in New Mexico history shorty after 1600. They are Sebastian and Domingo Gonzalez. (Also Diego Blandin Gonzalez is marked as being from Coima,Portugal.)

  2. Hi Moises. Captain Diego Gonzalez is my 6th generation ancestral great grandfather on my fathers side. I live in Edinburg Texas and am very interest in this book. Please let me know if you have any information on how to obtain a copy.

    1. Hi Moises, I’m already a fan of your research and member of Las Villas del Norte. Just find it funny how many ancestors we have in common. Diego is also my 8th grandfather, he’s yet another one we share. Best wishes primo!

  3. Moises,

    Is Diego Gonzalez de Ochoa son of Diego Gonzalez de Quintanilla or Diego Gonzalez de Esquivel. Dates would indicate that he is son of Diego Gonzalez de Ochoa since Isabel Gomez de Esquivel died in 1640.

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