El Arcabuz, Civil Registry Birth Records 1925 to 1930

If you have ancestors from Mier, Los Aldamas, Dr. Coss, San Antonio de Reyna, La Lajilla, and El Arcabuz this book will be a great resource to you.

El Arcabuz Civil Registry Births 1925-1930

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This book contains 472 births that were registered with the Civil Registration official in El Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico between 1925 to 1930. It contains birth registrations of babys and adults born between 1870 through 1930. You will find them by year as they were recorded in the Civil Registry books.

Each entry has the name of the baby or person being registered with an extraction of birth date, names of parents, grandparents, and included is a link to each image so the researcher may view the image online. As a bonus I have included an index by birth date covering births from 1870 to 1930 and also an index by last name.Included in this book is also a five generation family tree of Moises Garza titled “The Garza Tanguma Family Tree”.

This book is for anyone that has roots in El Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico or any of the surrounding towns of San Antonio de Reyna, Dr. Coss, Los Aldamas, Mier, and Camargo.

I also know that this book will be a great resource to anyone researching the municipalities of Mier and Miguel Aleman since many people residing there can trace their ancestors to El Arcabuz.[/ezcol_1half_end]


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