by Moises Garza

November 19, 2014

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

Crispin Rendon released another great resource. It is a project that he has just completed where he analyses the most common given names for both girls and boys from the three Mexican states of Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, and Coahuila.

Bellow you will find the email that he sent me in it’s entirety, where he explain this project.

Girl's and Boy's Given Names  from Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas

Here is the email:

I have posted online a given names booklet (27 pages).

Given Names Project

This booklet has a listing of the most commonly found girls and boys given names from Mexican States of Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas. These given names were gathered from my ever growing genealogy database that currently has over 332,000 records. I have been doing family history research for over twenty years.

I have created hundreds of ancestor books and other family history books from my genealogy database. It may not occur to my readers that when I used the given name Joaquin I may have gotten the name from a record where the name was written as Juachin. I am not making a statement as to the right or wrong way to spell names. The names Feliz, Felix and Felis are equally interchangeable. What I want to make clear is that the spelling found in old documents was not with the intent of uniquely identifying the child as having a name with a unique spelling. This is very important to understand. You need to know that your ancestor may be known as Ventura in one record and Buenaventura in another or Pio in one record and Pioquinto in another. That is why I have included a variation column.

I have ranked the names of the 500 most common female and 500 most common male given names. Here is a quick question for you. What do you think are the top ten most popular given names in the list? The top ten girls given names in descending order are Maria, Juana, Josefa, Francisca, Antonia, Gertrudis, Jesus, Guadalupe, Ana and Petra. The top ten boys given names in descending order are Jose, Juan, Antonio, Joseph, Francisco, Jesus, Maria, Pedro, Manuel and Ignacio. The names Maria and Jesus appear in both lists. Girls are named Maria Jesus and boys Jesus Maria.

With this project conclusion, I am starting research on a families of Galeana, Nuevo Leon series. I am starting with the 1718 marriage records found online at
I hope to hear from anyone willing to help me read the records.

Wishing you Happy Holidays

Crispin Rendon

I hope that you enjoy this small eBook as much as I did. On Crispins Galeana project if you want to volunteer send him an email and he will then assign you an image so that you can extract the information needed. He will send you an example of the first record so that you may see what information is needed. If you can please volunteer for this project since this will increase the speed of the project’s completion and also it can be a way of contributing and helping others find their ancestors. Make sure to save your own copy and don’t forget to thank Crispin for the great work that he is doing.

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