by Moises Garza

November 23, 2014

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

There is never too many resources when it come to finding more information about our ancestors. Land records are a great resource not just because they tell us where they may have had lived but because these documents also contain, sometimes, a great wealth of information about genealogical clues.

Luckily for us in Texas, the Texas General Land Office allowed Galen D. Greaser to compile and catalogue their records pertaining to items directly related to the process by which persons obtained a Spanish or Mexican land grant in Texas and these are Titles, Unfinished Titles, Character Certificates: Applications for Admission, Registers & Field Notes.

Partial Image from the Front Cover of the Book:


Catalogue of the Spanish Collection of The Texas General Land Office (1)



How to Use the Catalogue

– Signs and abbreviations
– Acknowledgements

Who We Are and What We Own: The Spanish Collection of the Texas General Land Office

Catalogue of the Spanish Collection, Part I


Unfinished Titles

Letters of Recommendation!Testimonials/Passports

Character Certificates

Testimonies and Copies

Voided Titles


Registers of Families

-Austin’s Register of Families
-Milam’s Register of Families
-Wavell’ s Register of Families
-Charles S. Taylor’s Orders of Survey
-A list of colonists recvd. since the passage of the Organic Law
in the Nashville Colony

Requests for Admission in Austin’s Colony

Certificates of Admission


Designation of Agents

Orders of Survey

Requests and Receipts for Delivery of Titles

Receipts for Government Dues

Notes and Correspondence Related to Land Distribution

Minutes, Reports and Registers of Titles

MInutes of the ayuntamiento of San Felipe de Austin, 1828-1832

Registro de los documentos y titulos en la primera empresa de colonizacion del empresario Estevan F. Austin en Tejas

Visita General

Reports of Wm. H. Bourland and JAmes R. Miller

Copies of Trans-Nueces Records

Receipts for Withdrawn Files


Titles by Comm. Juan Antonio Padilla for Land in Mexico

Untitled and Noteworthy Field Notes

General Land Office Business Regarding the Spanish Collection

Documentation of Spanish Collection Records

Lists and indexes

Translations and copies from counties

Copies from Saltillo Archives

Copies from other sources

Documentation regarding Spanish and Mexican land grants not in the TGLO

Rare Books


Where to Obtain this book:

UTPA Special Collections (Check Availability)

Amazon (BUY NOW)

South Texas Land Grants:

If you are interested mainly in South Texas Land Grants check our my previous post. New Guide to Spanish and Mexican Land Grants In South Texas

Good luck in your research. Remember to have fun.

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