U.S. Marine Casualty Cards Online Database

The United States Marine Corps History Division has created an online database of casualty cards that were issued when a Marine was wounded, missing, killed or deemed a prisoner of war. I believe that this is an excellent resource for all family historians and invaluable piece of history to everyone.

This database has cards form the following Wars:

  • World War II,
  • War Dogs,
  • Interwar Period 1946-50,
  • Korea,
  • Interwar Period 1955-1965,
  • Vietnam

If you browse and find a family member be it a relative or a direct ancestor you can request their record by email to history.division@usmc.mil or by mail to United States Marine Corps History Division Attn: Reference Branch 3078 Upshur Avenue Quantico, Virginia 22134

If you don’t find your ancestors or relative in the database don’t be discourage since it does state that they are still working on it and to check back periodically since they are still adding cards.

Screen shot of Website:

You can Visit this website using the following link:

I do hope that you find this website helpful or at least add it to your list of genealogy links since you never know when you may need to use it. Let me know if you do find someone or have used this resource in the past.

Almost forgot to mention it, I came across this resource on the blog of Shannon Thomas and you can read about her experience using this database by reading her blog post titled “US Marine Casualty Cards

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