Agualeguas Church Death Records 1821 – 1880

 The Agualeguas “Church Death Records 1821 – 1880” book is an excellent resource. Specially if you ancestor was from this Mexican Town in Nuevo, Leon Mexico or it’s surrounding area. This book was written by SAGA the Spanish American Genealogical Association back in 1989 as part of their “Escandon Project”.

As stated in the title this book cover the time period of 1821 through 1880. Once you find your ancestors within the pages of this book you can go over to to obtain a copy of the original document.

Cover of book “Agualeguas Church Death Records 1821 – 1880”:

You can browse to try and get a copy of the original church register here:

Where to obtain book:

I hope that you have found this information helpful. Let me know in the comments area if any of your ancestors are from Agualeguas.

4 thoughts on “Agualeguas Church Death Records 1821 – 1880

  1. Fannie C. Hewgley

    Once I access the Agualeguas records by clicking on the link you provided, a microfische looking thing comes on the screen but I am unable to access any of the records/information. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

    1. Moises Garza Post author

      The book is the index and when you find an entry that you want the image for, that is when you use familysearch to get a copy of the original by browsing for it. Not sure if they have been indexed yet, by familysearch.

  2. Dalia

    If my ancestors were from Mier and from agualeguas , can I get all their information at the same cathedral , or are there several places I’d have to go to. ? I have searched on , have my family tree on there but they have no images for most birth certificates and marriage licenses

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