by Moises Garza

June 6, 2014

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

Are you Garza or Trevino? Do you have ancestors with this last name? If you do you are in luck. Tomas Madirichaga Cueva has written an excellent book “Origen de los Apellidos Garza y Trevino en Nuevo Leon” (Origin of the last names Garza and Trevino form Nuevo Leon). This book starts with Marcos Alonso de la Garza (my 10th great grandfather) and documents about four generations of his descendants. The author tells that many of his sons took the last name of Garza and also many took the last name of Trevino from his wife Juana de Trevino de Quintanilla.

As you may be aware these two last names are very predominant in South Texas and Northeastern Mexico. What is so great about this book is that the author only cites first hand sources and is very well documented. So far I have yet to find an error. In my opinion this is an excellent book for your genealogical research.

Cover of “Origen de los Apellidos Garza y Trevino en Nuevo Leon”:

The unfortunate thing is that this book is rare and hard to obtain. Luckily, my local university has a copy and is available to the public. You can see if it is available here. They also have a translated copy into english that was cone by Edna Garza Brown.

If you do not live in the RGV or near it you can always search for this book in a library near you by using WorldCat.

If you get a hold of this book or have read it in the past let me know what you thought about it in the comments section of this post. As for me it is by far one of my favorite book.

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  1. I will have to go library and find it in the historical section. Marcos Alonso was also my 10 great grand father. Which one of his children is from where you descend.?

    1. Mary, you do have to check this book out. I descend from him through four of his children. Pedro de La Garza, Blas de la Garza, Alonzo de Trevino, and Joseph de Trevino.

  2. I have the English version of the “Origin of the Surnames Garza and Trevino in Nuevo Leon” translated by Edna G. Brown. I am still in the process of going through it and so far it is an Excellent book.

      1. Dear Mr. Garza, is there a way I could get a copy of it for a family member of mine is doing a research for doctoral thesis but lives in Mexico City. How could we get a copy of it ? In PDF ? If there is any cost we will pay it.

  3. As luck would have it, this article struck home!!!! My paternal grandfather was a (de la) Garza and my paternal grandmother (his wife) was a Trevino. (sorry for leaving off the tilde. my computer hasn’t figured out how to write in Spanish yet.)

    Also, by subscribing to your blog, was I supposed to get a e-book? If so, tell me how, if not, that’s ok. I’m enjoying reading your blogs.

    1. It is great to hear that you have Garza and Trevino (no tilde neither). Once you subscribe, in about an hour you should have gotten an welcome email and towards the bottom of the email there is a link to an eBook. If you have not received it look in your spam box or in the promotions folder if you are using gmail.

  4. Thank you for the post, I will be looking for that book as my grand mothers name was Francisca Garza Cantu, my great grand father on my grand mother’s side was named Candelario Garza and his father was Froylan de la Garza from what I understand El Valle de Guajuco, de Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

  5. Not possible to buy it anywhere? My wife is a direct descendant and genealogy is my hobby. Would LOVE to get a copy and show it to her father, a Garza

  6. Hola Moises, buscando información genealógica sobre mis ancestros, llegué a este libro el cual me parece que me puede brindar información relacionada con el origen del apellido Escamilla ¿Solamente yendo físicamente a la biblioteca de la Universidad de Texas del Valle del Rio Grande, se puede consultar ó leer?,… agradecería que me brindaras información sobre si hay alguna alternativa en forma digital (eBook),…

    Saludos y espero tener la oportunidad de leer un poco de la historia reciente de la región.
    (Soy de Reynosa, Tam.; mi madre de Méndez, Tam; mi abuelo posiblemente de China, N. L.; mi bisabuelo de Marin, Nuevo Leon; tatarabuelo de Salinas Victoria, N. L. y así hasta mi 3er ó 4to tatarabuelo y hasta ahí he llegado)

    1. Que llo sepa si, es la unica manera de leer este linbro. No se encuetra digitalizado ni en linea. Los libros de Crispin Rendon sobre China son muy buenos. Tambien tiene usons de Salinas Vicotria. Los puede encopntra buscandolos con el buscador que esta arriba de esta pagina.

  7. Hello there!. My father original last name was “De la Garza” he migrated from Tamaulipas to Guanajuato and his family changed his last name to “Garcia”. I have heard comments in the family that the familly way back lived in Monterrey or the border Laredo/Nuevo Laredo. It would be awesome to know more about this.

    1. The Garza’s originated in Monterrey and are descendants of Captain Marcos Alonso de la Garza and his wife Juana de Trevino. in the 1750’s many de la Garza help found El Nuevo Santander nowadays Tamaulipas.

  8. Hola Moises, tengo datos de tatarabuelo que nació en Apodaca cuando se llamaba todavía Villa, tienes las siguientes generaciones hasta 1800 a partir de Alonso de la Garza?

      1. gracias por contestar, mas específicamente te quiero preguntar en cual de tus libros puedo encontrar las siguientes generaciones de Marcos Alonso de la Garza (primer de la Garza que llego a Hacienda San Francisco, hoy Apodaca N.L.), hasta mi 4o bisabuelo de nombre Juan José de la Garza Treviño con fecha de nacimiento 25 de diciembre de 1806, hijo de Jose Antonio de la Garza Treviño y Manuela de Treviño.

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