Cerralvo Church Baptism Records 1761 – 1859

 Where your ancestors from Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico? If they were the “Cerralvo Church Baptism Records 1761 – 1859 Book I” is an excellent genealogical resource. This book is a 200 page book that was compiled and crated by the Spanish American Genealogical Association out of Corpus Christi back in 1989. The information within the pages of this book can be found on the microfilm #0605442 available at FamilySearch.

The microfilm contains copies of the records found at the San Gregorio de Magno Parish of Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This book is the first out of three books. This book covers form A to G. Also this book is very important since these records are not indexed at FamilySearch. Ancesstry.com does have them indexed but you need the world subscription witch is about $30.00 or more per month.

Cover of Book “Cerralvo Church Baptism Records 1761 – 1859”:

See the images indexed by this book online:

Fortunately for us the microfilm used to create this index is available at FamilySearch. Once you find your ancestor within the pages of this book you can go to FamilySearch and you can browse for the images here: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1-159380-79167-94?cc=1473204&wc=MCMV-NNT:45390401,45390402,45390403

Where to obtain this book:

There are three ways to get hold of this book.

  • Look for int in a library near you using WorldCat.

Let me know in the comments if you do find your ancestors in this book.

17 thoughts on “Cerralvo Church Baptism Records 1761 – 1859

  1. Lillian Solis

    I am looking for information on family members, Manuel Hinjosa Solis married to Ign Salinas any information would be helpful.
    Thank you

    1. Moises Garza Post author

      Hi Lillian. Please post your request on the community facebook page and please be more detailed in order to be able to help you. What time period where they born? Where were they from? etc.. thanks.

      1. Solis

        Manuel Solis (Hinojosa) Married to Ma Ignacia Salinas in 1799, if any one can give the church or where the records are. thank you

          1. Solis

            Don’t know, their fiist born son was born 1800 found him. or Santiago Solis Hinjosa he married Ma Gertrudis Valdes, early 1800s

  2. Hector Perez

    Does anyone know if records exist for Cerralvo earlier than 1761? If so, how can one gain access to them? I’m looking for more information on Maria Josefa Benavides Canales and Joseph Antonio Ramos whom appear as legitimate parents to Jose Salvador Antonio Ramos baptised 16 May 1764 and my 7th great grandmother Maria Zapopa Ramos married 02 Sep 1771 to Jose Francisco Ignacio Salinas. Everyone are originarios of Cerralvo. Thank you!

    1. Moises Garza

      Hector, I have yet to find any Church records before that time. Garmendia Leal has a book called “Vecinos De Cerralvo 1630 – 1760” were he compiled the names of people form surrounding areas that appeared on documents as being form Cerralvo. The Monterrey archives also mention people form Cerralvo on some documents. Look at the Syntesis y Protocolos books by Israel Cavazos Garza. Hope this helps.

  3. Irene Senia

    I am looking for proof that Eufemia Sanchez, born abt 1810 and died about 1906 in Los Saenz, TX was the daughter of Agustin Sanchez and Maria Antonia Villarreal of Laredo, TX.

  4. Andrea Perez

    My great grandfather was born in Cerralvo in the late 1800’s (February 9th or 10th). Leonidas Perez (his mothers last name). His father was the owner of the ranch however since they were not married he was cast out into the mountains. Well that is the story I have heard. (I don’t know his mothers name).


    i can trace my roots to Manuel Maldonado who married Clara Gonzalez around 1780 I think in Cerralvo. I’m trying to go as far back as I can concerning my Maldonado ancestors. Can you help?


    would like information on the Maldonado’s from Cerralvo. I know my ancestors from the 1850’s and after, but would like to know from the early 1800’s and before. Thanks.

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