Spanish Patriots During the American Revolution

Spanish Patriots During the American Revolution

In this post, you will find the eight-volume series on the Spanish Patriots During the American Revolution covering 1779-1783. Find out if your ancestor or ancestors where Spanish Patriots During the American Revolution!

I first became aware last year that many of us may have Spanish patriots as ancestors, when I attended the Brownsville Historical Association’s Branching Out: Genealogy Workshop 2013.

Presenter Elizabeth Heis: Resgistrar Dubois Hite Chapter DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Vice Chairman Volunteer Genealogist District IX Texas. Her presentation about DAR was excellent and very informative. She also made us aware that the King of Spain requested that his North American subjects donate one peso to the American Revolutionaries to support their cause.

At this time Spain was also at war with the British. She stated that rosters were created with the names of all the people that donated this one peso and it is through them that many Hispanics can also become part of the DAR and also be considered as patriots. To be honestly I never followed up to see if any of may ancestors had donated that one peso, but I have added it to my list of things to do.

Image from Somos Pimos

Why am I writing this post?

It all started with an email from my distant cousin Margaret Garcia where she referenced one of our ancestors being listed in vol. 8 of Patriots of the American Revolution. I quickly did a search and found the Somos Primos Page dedicated to Spanish Patriots. Below, you will find the links to all eight volumes for your convenience

Spanish Patriots During the American Revolution, 1779-1783, The 8-volume Series by Written by Dr. Granville and NC Hough

If you are interested in further reading and more articles please visit Somos Primos Page about Spanish Patriots, it is an excellent resource that you should include in your genealogical tool box. Here is the link:

If anyone has been accepted into the DAR, SAR, or Daughters of the Republic of Texas please let me know. If you could provide us with your ancestor’s name specially if he or she was Spanish. Don’t forget to add these eBooks to your digital Genealogical library. Finally, I do hope that this post makes more people aware and thus promote more research in this area.



2 thoughts on “Spanish Patriots During the American Revolution

  1. Julia Lopez

    Hi Moises,

    Thanks for blogging this topic —

    Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) do not accept the soldiers listed on the rosters as patriots – they want to see the “donativo” list as proof that the soldiers paid the two pesos, citizens paid one peso. The list for Texas soldiers has not yet been found – many have been searching for it. The rosters can be found in the Bexar Archives at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, UT Austin online (

    Jesse O. Villarreal has also published a book listing the soldiers rosters – “Tejano Patriots of the American Revolution 1776-1783”. Jesse’s book can be found on

    The head scratcher here is that Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) do accept the soldier rosters as proof so one simply has to do the research to trace your lineage.

    Several ranchers who provided beef and drove the cattle to feed Galvez’s troops have already been proven for DAR. They are Manuel Delgado, Jose Antonio Curbelo, Leonor Delgado Flores, Vicente Flores, Carlos Martinez, Patricio Antonio Rodrigues, Francisco Manuel Salinas, Pedro Xavier Salinas and Antonio Gil Ybarbo. Their names appear on a DAR monument at the Texas State Cemetery here in Austin.

    I’ve done a bit of research on this topic – please contact me at if I can provide further information.

    Julia Lopez

  2. Mary Ellen Cervantes

    Thank you Moises, for giving your cousins all this hard work! I would not know as much as I do about my heritage if not for your books, websites, blog, facebook pages, convention talks, genealogy talks, etc! Thanks! Maybe a book on the early Blacks and Indians? They are the hardest to connect to. Of course, any new books are welcome! Thanks!

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