by Moises Garza

November 24, 2013

Slaves of Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

The eBook Slaves of Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico is, as it’s cover describes it, a compilation of Hundreds of Notary Documents Translated by Dahlia Rose Guajardo, Dahlia Palacios, Eusebio Benavidez, Tony Vincent Garcia, and Crispin Rendon.

It is a sad thing that Spaniards had slaves but what is even sadder to me is to see my own ancestors buying and selling slaves as if they were property. You might also find your ancestor as being one of the slaves. The majority of the slaves were either Black and Mulattos.

The past is the past and the only thing we can do is learn from it and not repeat it.

It is not mentioned in this book but one of my ancestors was a Morisco meaning that his parents were Mulatto and Indian.  A Mulatto is a designation given to children of a Spaniard and black African. The earliest mention of him is In Ciudad Mier in the middle of the 1700s and this eBook makes me wonder if he or his family were ever slaves.

Cover to eBook, Slaves of Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico:

Slaves of Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico

This book does contain valuable genealogical information. Especially if you find your ancestors in the pages of this eBook.

Make sure to download your copy and add it to your collection of genealogy eBooks. If you make any interesting discoveries please let me know int he comments area of this blog.

Download the eBook Slaves of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico here:

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  1. I do not consider it sad when I find slave ancestors in my lineage.
    I am proud that I had slave ancestors who survived against all odds to pass life onto me.
    My family spent centuries in slavery at the winery at Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila, Mexico.
    I am glad that I know my slave ancestors by name.

  2. I'm very happy and blessed to have downloaded the e-book: "Slaves of Monterrey". It came just in time!! Muchas, muchas, gracias.

  3. This is a reply to Ernie Alderete,

    Although so far, my ancestors are named as 'Mulatoundefineda Libre' They lived and worked at Hacienda Icamole in what is now Villa de Garcia, Nuevo Leon. I feel as you do; I am so proud of their struggles and find that somehow they pushed me and my children [as well as extended family] onto great lives in comparison.

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