El Corrido de Narciso A. Guerra (The Ballad of Narciso A. Guerra)

I vividly remember Mr. Guerra from when he would substitute, when any of our teachers were out. He was very sociable and loved to make us smile. He would always tell us that he was going to open the theater once again just for us. I also remember that before he used to substitute he was also one of the teachers for my brother and two sisters.

My parents also used to get all their paperwork notarized with him. I used to love his office since it had many photos and awards but my favorite where the old coins and bills under the glass of his desk.

This is a Facebook embedded post of El Corrido de Narciso A. Guerra (The Ballad of Narciso A. Guerra). I just wanted to share it with you all. I love the Corrido that his family composed of him and the video is excellent and I know every person from La Grulla, family historian or genealogist will appreciate it. I highly recommend that you all watch the video it is sung in Spanish but it is sub titled in English.

Facebook embedded post:



This video was originally posted on La Grulla’s Facebook Page Maintained by Jimmy Martinez and Benito Saenz. This is the original link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=644901835541781&set=vb.207274392721647&type=1

You can also check out my previous post titled Survival The Historical Heritage of La Grulla, Texas 1749 – 1974 a thesis by Narciso A. Guerra and Imelda G. Guerra. You can find more about Mr. Guerra’s genealogy in this book.

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