Guerrero Viejo Field Guide to a City Found and Lost

Guerrero Viejo Filed Guide to a City Found and Lost was written by William E. Doolittle and Oscar I Maldonado back in 2008 and is an excellent 29 page eBook about Guerrero Viejo, that is available for free to anyone wishing to download it. This eBook is a great resource for anyone researching Guerrero Viejo or any one wishing to visit this old town. But just keep in mind that you can only visit when Falcon Dam is very low in water.

This guide also contains many a great photos about Guerrero Viejo and it even includes a map of the city and it’s layout. It will help the reader understand what they are seeing when they visit this town.

It also contains a short history about Guerrero Viejo from its colonial times to its present. I know that this Guide will provide you with an understanding or glimpse as to where our ancestors once walked and the church were they worshiped. Also the place where many of them where born, baptized and married as is the case with my Cuellar Lizarraras.

Cover of the Field Guide:


You can download this free eBook by clicking the above image or by clicking here:

I do highly recommend that you get your own copy since who knows for how long ti will be available.

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