Captain Bartolome Gonzalez and Isabel Gomez Dominguez 1631 Marriage

The image below is the 1631 marriage of my 11th great grandparents Captain Bartolome Gonzalez and Isabel Gomez Dominguez, also known as Isabel Gomez Esquivel. Diego Renteria posted it at WeAreCousins Facebook Page on 7-5-13.

He wrote the following comments:

Capitan Bartolome Gonzales and Isabel Gomez Dominguez marriage 2/25/1631. I’d email this but this is so much easier to post. You may want to repost so people will see you have new info. I was actually looking for more information on Francisco Perez de Escamilla and came across the Gonzales’, who I also descend from, I’d forgotten they were from the same area. I figure maybe Francisco Perez de Escamilla, Bartolome Gonzales, and Alonso de Leon entered Nuevo Leon together or at least knew each other prior? Tepetitlán and Huichapan are only 27 miles apart.

Cut out of original image:

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Bartolome Gonzalez and Isabel Gomez 1631 Marriage.jpg” type=”image” alt=”Bartolome Gonzalez and Isabel Gomez 1631 Marriage.jpg” ]

I tried to transcribe it but it is very difficult so I just left it alone. I will try at a latter date. If anyone wants to do it let me know and i’ll post your transcription here.

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