Nicolas de Ayala and Antonia de la Garza Montemayor,1695 Marriage in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the 1695 marriage of my wife’s 7th great grandparents Nicolas de Ayala and Antonia de la Garza Montemayor. They got married in Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The following document indicates that the parents of Nicolas where Joseph de Ayala and Ana de Benavides and at the time of the marriage both were deceased by then. The document indicates that Nicolas as well as his father were captains in the Spanish army. The document also indicates that Antonia’s parents were Gabrield de la Garza and Clara Garza de Montemayor. The document also indicates that there was a dispensation for a third degree. I have yet to find this dispensation.

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Nicolas de Ayala y Antonia de la Garza espanoles.

En veinte y uno de Noviembre de mil y seiscientos y noventa y cinco Anos despose por palabras de presente y vele al Caan. Nicolas de Ayala hijo legitimo del Cappan. Joseph de Ayala y Ana de Venavides difuntos, y a Antonia de la Garza hija legitima de Gabriel de la Garza y de clara de monjtemayor aviendo presedido Las vanas en seis, trece, y venite de Este mes y Ano, fueron visrtud de dispensa [?] [/} de terzero con quarto grado de sangre; fueron testigos Juan de Abrego, Pedro Guaxardo y Joseph de Ursiales y para que conste lo firme ut supra. =

Joseph Guaxardo



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    my dads last name was montemayor but he was adopted at 5 by my grandpa. bravo my dads name was David bravo after he got adopted before it was David montemayor his mom my grandma was nelly Parraz her maiden name just wondering if I belong with this family

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