by Moises Garza

April 13, 2013

Blas Maria de la Garza Falcon
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

The following is an excellent book about Blas Maria de la Garza Falcon who is considered the colonizer of South Texas.

He was one of the captains for Jose de Escandon during the founding of Las Villas del Norte.

He was the son of General Blas de la Garza Falcon (1673-1736), governor of the province of Coahuila from 1723 to 1729 and 1733 to 1735, and Dona Beatriz de Villarreal.

He was born in or near Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in about 1712.

Blas Maria married Dona Catarina Gomez de Castro whom was the daughter of Don Antonio Gomez de Castro and Dona Nicolasa Baez de Trevino, on January 1, 1731 at the mining town of Boca de Leones, present day Villaldamas, Nuevo Leon , Mexico.

The following book is great for anyone researching him and or anyone interested int eh history of Northeastern Mexico and South Texas.

Book Cover of "Captain Blas Maria de la Garza Falcon Colonizer of South Texas":

This book is an excellent book and is packed with great details and not to mention genealogical information. The book was written by Cleotilde P. Garcia back in  1984.

Where to obtain a copy:

  • You can download this book for free from FamilySearch
  • You may also want to check a library near you for a copy using

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  1. Thank you for your website. I look forward to reading the research information you have provided. We may be cousins once I verify a few branches on the family tree.

  2. My husband and I have researched my family lineage on and have found that Captain Blas de la Garza Falcon (Trevino) is my 10th great- grandfather. Very exciting & interesting….hope to learn more.

    1. I am just curious. My dad has been doing family research for years on Blas Maria delgarza falcon. My name is jose guadlupe delagarza III. I was just wondering if you could share some of your research or knowledge please would really appreciate it. My email is [email protected].

  3. Sorry, my mistake, my 7th great-grandfather. He was named after his great-grandfather, which is my 10th great.

    1. How old are you , he’s my 5th greatgrandfather. Maybe it could be one of the other Blas’s is your 10th.

    1. My Garza are from Arcabuz, if you have not heard that small town then we are more distantly related and probably through other lines.

  4. My grandma Maria Tencha Falcon has always told us, the grandkids about Blas Maria delgarza falcon. I live here in Corpus Christi TX.

    1. My grandparents are from Corpus Christie as well and I heard the same story. All four brothers fought in World War II. My great grandparents were Francesca and Pedro Falcon.

  5. I look forward to reading the book. Captain Blas de la Garza is my great grandfather (not sure how far back). I appreciate the effort and research you are doing and appreciate that you are sharing. Somewhere along the way, I’m sure I’m related to some, if not all, commenting on here. With that being said “Hello Family!!”

  6. Yep! It’s a good book I have owned a copy for a few years. I have 14 De La Garza lines that I have found in my 44 years of researching. Several through the males, but mostly through the De La Garza women that married other colonizers of Northern Mexico. They all seem to have had very large families and I have discovered that twice I researched the wrong brother and had to start over. It is easy to mistake if you have 3 brothers and 3 cousins in the same generation naming their children by the same names, living in the same area. But that is the fun of doing Genealogy when you find the right one it’s like Christmas! Keep looking! Thanks Moises and Crispin your work is awesome!

  7. I have got to find a copy of this book,, My wife's father was Desiderio Falcon Rios. He is decended from Blas Maria De LA Garza Falcon. We have a 10 generation genealogy up to and including our
    children and grandchildren. Desi was born in Houston, then moved to Corpus Christa. I believe
    he spent his summers on La Trinidad Ranch ar Palito Blanco. He described picking cotton there
    when he was a young man. His maternal grandmother was a Leal decended from porcione
    grantee Santos Moreno. I am very fortunate that my children got to know Desi and
    spend much time with him. I believe that you must know where you came from before you
    can know where you are going.
    thank you very much for your efforts. I would love to attend some of your functions, but
    Covid has limited our movements so much.
    Michael H. Sander & Claudia C. Rios Sander (from the# of comments Blas was very prolific!!

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