Joseph Isidro de Alyala, 1752 Baptism in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the transcription to the 1752 baptism of my wife’s 5th great grandfather Joseph Isidro de Ayala.  He was the son of Joseph Manuel de Ayala and Maria Antonia Cantu. You can see the original image at familysearch. His godparents are listed as Pedro Joseph Lozano and Anna Maria de la Garza neighbors of San Nicolas.

Transcription in Spanish from the Original Image:

En dies y seis de henero de Setesientos y sinqta. y dos anos Baptise solemnemte. a Joseph Isidro espanol de catorse dias lexmo. de Joseph Manuel de Ayala; y de Antta Cantu; Padrinos Pedro Joseph Lozano; y Anna Ma. de la Garza Vecinos de la estancia de Sn. Nicolas; a quienes dixe su obligacion.

Bx. Agustin de Acosta

Source: FamilySearch

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